Forget everything that you have heard about index color! It is not difficult to separate. You do not need a 14-color press to print index color. Index color allows you to take a one-color image that has gradients, and print it without using large halftones, but rather smooth small squares that are spot color, such as the index color separation of the silver dollar shown here. And, you can print it on white, light color, dark colors or even black substrates as spot colors, without the worry of moiré patterns.

Index color separations use spot color squares of the same size, rather than halftone dots, to create smooth color shading. You can print with standard opaque screenprinting inks, rather than expensive transparent halftone inks.

Separating and printing index color is easier and faster than process color separations and you do not need special index separation software to get great results. The separations are performed in Photoshop, and images can be easily transferred from other programs, such as Illustrator.

In our illustrated guide, we provide detailed step-by-step information that will allow you to be successful on your first attempt. And, we give tips and tricks on how to make improvements that will quickly put you right up there with the best index separators.

We use a single full-color image, and reduce it to just 3-colors, which can be printed with two colors on either a black or white substrate. Then we use the same image separated in 5 colors to show how the more colors you use the better the image will appear in the final print. Here is the image separated into just three colors.

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