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It has long been understood that every screen has a printable image area, often referred to as the “sweet spot” in which the image must be placed. If the printable image area is exceeded the printed image will suffer in a variety of ways. The most pronounced problems will be with the image distortion and ink deposit thickness and color integrity – as they will not be consistent from the center to the edges of the image.

The Image Distortion and Color Integrity Test Template will put an end to many of the problems that are suffered daily in the screenprinting technologies.

Instructions: Simply print the test template to fit within your screen size, using the parameters that exist within your shop as to mesh count/thread diameter, tension level, coating technique, off contact, fill blade and squeegee constraints and find the maximum image size that will provide you with less image distortion, better registration and improved ink thickness and color integrity.

After printing the image, lay the film positive over the printed image and choose the image size with the least amount of image distortion. Next, check the small boxes for ink thickness and color integrity to assure that they are within the quality constraints and expectations.

This test template is designed to be used as a stand-alone tool but was built to accompany the book, The Golden Image Ratio that can be downloaded from on this site.

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