Newman 4 Roller Instruction - Screen Print Books

Instructions for Stretch Devices’ Newman Roller Frames with 4 Rollers. This booklet is profusely illustrated with step-by-step photos and directions for using Newman Roller Frames for success.

Chapters Include:

  • Frame Assembly
  • How to Lubricate the Bolts
  • Corner Assembly
  • Indexing the Rollers
  • Setting the Torque Wrench
  • Why the Correct Tools are Important
  • Preparing the Mesh
  • Mesh Insertion
  • Softening the Corners
  • Calibrating the Newman Tension Meter
  • Tensioning the Mesh
  • Verifying That Frames are Flat
  • Retensioning the Mesh
  • Meter Stall
  • Newman Mesh Calibration Chart
  • Preparing the Stretched Frames for Use
  • Clamping Frames into Press
  • Compensating for Deflection Using the Reverse Curve
  • Deflection Charts
  • Screen Tension and Work-Hardening Charts

Product Details

Format: PDF
File Size: 1.5 mb
Print Length: 19 pages
Publisher: Stretch Devices
Distributed by:
Language: English

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