Reducing Ink Costs

Everyone likes to save money, right? In this white paper we discuss how reduce your plastisol ink cost and increase your margins in a substantial way. You have probably heard and perhaps live by the old adage that, “It costs money to make money!” Right? Well, the good news is that there are four concepts in this white paper that are not going to cost you a penny to initiate into your system. Sounds, good, doesn’t it!

If you are like 90 percent of the screenprinters in the textile segment of the screenprinting technologies, you like to do things to make your life easier. However, there is a point where easy dips into the margins and prevents you from earning the revenue that you need to grow your business. The goal should be to cut your costs, while achieving efficiency, produce consistent results of a predictable outcome of reproducible quality images that will meet the expectations of all stakeholders, including the customers and clients.

In this white paper you will find ways to reduce your ink costs, reduce your inventory, free up valuable floor space, eliminate waste, and move as much as possible from the material cost line on your profit and loss statement to the profits line.

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