Screenprint is the only magazine dedicated entirely to the screenprint process. Those in the myriad segments of screenprinting have endured the reduction of information on screenprinting as publishers sought to combine non-screenprinting methods to encourage more advertising revenue. This has led to a proliferation of magazines having less than 10% of information related to screenprinting.

Screenprint is now the only magazine owned, operated, and written by screenprint experts. As such, it is global, with the most significant readership in screenprinting.

In this issue:

• A Closer Look at Mesh: its Properties and Parameters
• The Importance of Choosing Color Systems Based on Usage
• Reducing Waste To Lower Costs and
Increase Margins
• Mastering Factors Affecting Ink Deposit
• Illustrating Mesh to Determine Correct Ink Deposit
• Press Calibration Test
• Fimor Edge Polisher
• What’s in Your Toolbox?
• Terminology—Words Matter
• Article Index

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