No, this is not the book edited by Rhonda Byrne. It simply shares the same name. Years ago, when you were just starting out, there was one important fact that you should have learned but no one told you – it was The Secret. There is one truth in screenprinting that may be the most important lesson you will ever learn. Unfortunately, this is a closely guarded secret by those in the know and something you won’t hear bandied about in conversations on the trade show floor or in online forums. It took me years to learn this simple fact and when I did learn it I was surprised.

I have been in the screenprinting industry for over 70 years and have been an avid reader of everything that I could get my hands on. I have attended manufacturers’ training seminars and sat in lecture after lecture at open houses and trade shows listening to all the gurus of screenprinting. And, while I have gained a tremendous amount of knowledge, I had not heard this one simple secret during my first twenty years in the industry. What I would have given for this information early in my career!

Somehow I missed The Secret – but I have to wonder how so many others missed the same secret? Apparently a lot! When I began presenting the information in seminars in 1983 people are astounded to learn this simple secret. They still are!

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