With so many screenprinters having trouble maintaining margins and attempting to understand pricing, we put together our Top 5 Pricing Downloads in one package at a 25% discount. Included are the following:

Pricing Spreadsheet for Screenprinters – An Excel Spreadsheet with 8-page Article

This Excel Spreadsheet Template, Pricing Spreadsheet for Screenprinting, can be used to generate a price for any item by simply inserting your business expenses, the price that you incur for the unprinted item, and the shipping cost, as many items come from different distributors with myriad shipping costs. It takes into account several factors that are often overlooked in pricing. Once your cost is inserted, you can quickly and easily find the selling price for any item you print.

Pricing for Textile Printers: 4.9 MB, 73 pages

Over the years, I have noted many inconsistencies in the various pricing matrices used in screenprinting technologies, especially in the textile segment. It is a standard business practice to set a margin that will meet the costs and produce an amount of revenue that allows for expected growth for the company. This book will assist you in thinking about the myriad variables of pricing that confront textile printers.

Pricing for Profits: 4.2 MB, 122 pages

Pricing for screenprinting is different than that for manufacturing or retail. This book explains the accurate manner of pricing for textile screenprinting. It provides an in-depth look at different pricing concepts with real-life examples. This is the 3rd Edition of this book, and it has been updated.

Are you using a price list that is over six months old? Are you sure that you are pricing for the maximum profits? This book will give you a new insight into the best-practice pricing methods. Be prepared for an eye-opening experience.

Value of One Second: 14 kb, An Excel Spreadsheet

You should be aware of the cost of operation within your organization for one second. Since there are 60 seconds in a minute, many overlook the actual value of such a small number.

For example, let’s assume a single press at 350 units per hour prints 5.833 substrates per minute. You can increase the press production to 5.933 substrates per minute by eliminating just one second of production time. Assuming a $2 net per substrate would generate an additional USD 15,418 annually. If you can save 2 seconds, you can double that amount, and if you have two presses, the additional revenue could be a whopping USD 61,672 per year.

Of course, every shop will vary as their overhead and related costs differ; thus, you need this spreadsheet to find the value of one second for your shop. Also, this Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet can show you the savings on various examples.

Shop Rate Calculator: 34 kb, Excel Spreadsheet

To make improvements, one must know the value of time. Time is the one thing that does not change in any business. We are each given just 24 hours in a day – 1,440 minutes.

One minute does not seem like a lot in the scope of things. How often has someone asked, “Hey, have you got a minute?” They don’t want a minute. That minute will quickly turn into 10 minutes or longer.

How much is a work minute worth? Do you know what a minute of productivity costs on your press? Of course, you may think it depends on how much you charge for the work at any given time. How often have you made a print and told yourself, “There’s another $7 in the bank!”

However, it’s not based on what is on the press. It is based on your total overhead and operating costs. No matter if you are a one-man manual shop or a multi-automatic shop, the more details you know about your costs, the better job you can do in your marketing, sales, customer relations, and production. Don’t leave money on the table – put it in your pocket!

You can use this simple-to-use spreadsheet to evaluate your hourly shop rate. Just plug your costs in; it will do the rest for you. It will give you:

  • Hourly Operating Cost
  • Hourly Operating Cost of the Press
  • Cost per Impression
  • Net Profit Margin per Impression
  • And much more

If you are having problems with pricing your printing, you will find this a great tool. Plug in the number of impressions an hour and the expected margin, and it will give you the price to charge per impression and the profit margin you will make for each print.

You can also use the spreadsheet to see the value of adding an additional press and operators or adding to your salary. Is your rent going up? Check to see what it will mean in terms of your pricing for each impression.

You do not want to be without this valuable tool.

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