How to Make a Purchase

Making a purchase on this site is quite easy with the knowledge below. Just follow the steps and you should not have any problems.

1. Locate the Item(s) – This can be done by clicking on either the “title” or the “photo” of the product.
This will navigate you to the specific Product Page.

2. Product Page – Locate the “Add to Cart” button on the product page and click on it. This will navigate you to the “Checkout” page.

3. Check Out Page – If you would like to continue shopping and make other purchases, you can do so by returning to the home page. Your item(s) will be safely retained in the Shopping Cart. When you have finished selecting your purchased and are back at the Checkout Page you can go to the next step.

4. Check over the purchase(s) – These are listed in the invoice.You can remove any item in the Shopping Cart by clicking on the “Remove” link, which will recalculate the invoice.

5. Discount Code – If you have a “Discount Code” be sure to enter it. We use Discounts Codes from time to time in our marketing efforts.

6. Complete All Fields – Please be sure to complete all of the fields, including the “I have read and accept the terms of this purchase” at the bottom of this page. When you have completed the forms, click on the “Complete Purchase” button. We use PayPal for billing purposes. This will take you to the Paypal Site for payment.

7. PayPal – You can use most major credit cards at PayPal. As you will be using a credit card PayPal needs to attain some billing information from you in order to process the charges. If you have a PayPal account, enter your information and click “Log In.” If you do not have an account, click on the Create a PayPal account and fill out the information and click on “Agree and Continue.”

8. Return to Screenprint Books – Once the payment has been made you will be returned to Screenprint Books. Your purchases can be found in the “Your Purchase History.” There is a link to “Your Purchase History” in the right column of each page. You will also be sent an email within a few minutes containing download links to the items you purchased.

What We Can Help You With

Cancellations and Pending Orders – If you cancel a payment or the payment does not go through, you will note that the item is still listed in Your Purchase History page, but under Amount it will state “Pending” letting you know that the Payment Status is pending. If you did indeed make a payment, the this problem is usually caused by PayPal being unable to effectively communicate with our website due perhaps to heavy Internet traffic. We do receive a notice for every pending order, as well as a notice from PayPal for every completed purchase. If our software sees that an order is pending and we have not received a notice from PayPal we check to see what the problem is. We are usually able to do this on the same or next workday in most instances. If you have not made your payment, our hands are tied. If you are unable to make a payment using the automatic payment system then follow these directions:

1. Go to Your Cart and make a note of the total amount of the order.

2. Log into PayPal and click on Send Payment tab at the top of the page.

3. Send a payment in the amount of the order to

Sending payments for purchases of goods or services is free for you. The fees for this service are charged to us and are included in the price of the items. When we receive the payment notification from PayPal, we will send you a link to download your products.

Info Needed to Correspond – When corresponding with us about an order please supply us with the Payment Key from Your Purchase History / View Details and Downloads page, as well as the Website URL at which you made the purchase. Please be explicit in detailing what went wrong. We cannot assist you if you only write to say, “It didn’t work!” This will greatly help resolve the problem more quickly as we have many websites and clients.

When Things Go Wrong…

Allow us to explain why things may not go as planned for you.

1. Cookies – The software that we use relies on your ability to accept “cookies” from us. This is used to track your payments and shipments. If you do not accept cookies or have that feature turned off on your computer, you will not be able to take advantage of this site. The software will be unable to complete the sale and you will not be able to download products.

2. Yahoo & Hotmail – If you have a Yahoo, Hotmail, or one of the other “free” email accounts, you will probably have a poor experience. You may not receive emails from these services as they kick out tons of emails that contain links back to this (and other) sites so that you can download the products. If you have one of these free email accounts and even if you put our address in your address book there is no guarantee that you will receive emails from us with your links.

3. Different Emails – If you enter an email address that is different than the one you use on PayPal, the order will not go through properly. The software expects that the two email address will be the same and if they are not, then they cannot match the sale with payment and thus you will inadvertently cause yourself a problem.

4. Cache – Every web browser has a “cache” that “saves” a copy of every page that you visit to make your return to that page more speedy in refreshing the page. If you have your cache set too high, when you go back to the same page, that is just what you get – the same page. Thus you will not see your downloads. Since the cache is usually set high at the factory to make the software appear much faster it will continue to be a problem unless you set it to reflect your own needs.

5. PayPal – If your PayPal account information is different than the information you entered during the checkout at Screenprint Books, you may have a poor experience. If you have paid for items and did not receive them, we may be able to help you, if we receive an email from PayPal verifying the payment was made. We cannot help you with problems incurred in relation to PayPal. They do however have an excellent Help Desk that can usually resolve problems quickly.

6. Browsing from a Phone – You may experience problems if you are using a cellular phone to access the site, specifically during the checkout and payment process. Some operating systems do not play well with all of the software running online stores. You may have to resort to a laptop or desk model computer to finish the process.

Thank You

Your purchase means a lot to us, as it funds future content for the site. If you have any problems, please use the Contact page to send us an email. We’d appreciate your help in spreading the word about Screenprint Books with your friends and peers to help support future content.