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Yes, there is such a thing as a yellow sky though not often seen by many.

Only 75 miles from my home in Cuernavaca, Mexico the stratovolcano Popocat├ępetl Volcano stands ominously at 17,802 feet in the east. Popocat├ępetl is known locally as El Popo. An alternate nickname Don Goyo comes from the mountain’s association in the lore of the region with St. Gregorio, “Goyo” being a nickname-like short form of Gregorio.

One morning, years ago when I first moved to Cuernavaca, I was sitting on my rooftop terrace enjoying my morning coffee, and as I looked to the east, I was presented with a beautiful yellow sky. Having spent time in dusty West Texas, the sight of a yellow sky is no longer as shocking as it might be to others. I instinctually knew that El Popo had erupted once again during the night as the sky was filled with dust. The yellow color of the sky is caused as the sun rises in the east sending its light through a high concentration of dust particles in the sky.

I knew that I had to paint the sky and I quickly made my way downstairs to my studio where I grabbed two canvases and started painting immediately. I knew that I wanted the painting to be a diptych to show the immense sky.

Once finished I hung the paintings on the wall in my home, where they have remained over the years. They are not only a focal point in the sala, but a conversation starter as my local guests know that the painting represents El Popo and the stories begin to spill out about past eruptions.

I had not planned on selling them, but I am working on another diptych and can only hang one at a time. Not being a hoarder, I have decided to sell them to make room for the new work.

A diptych is meant to be displayed side by side. However, they could be hung separately. Each painting is 47-inches wide x 39.25-inches tall. It will require a space that is 94-inches wide x 39.25-inches tall to hang these paintings together on your wall. Please allow for the frame, as well.

Category: Diptych Painting
Media: Acrylic on canvas
Size: 47-inches wide x 39.25-inches tall each

Shipping: Not included in the price and will be billed separately based on your location.

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