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We provide a complete training experience when we conduct on-site training in your facility. We will train you, your management and production staff on the best way to use the equipment you have in place. We also have exciting lectures with lots of photos and illustrations to explain the process more in depth. We provide a healthy mix of both hands-on and lecture.
Of course! In fact, it is a good idea to do so, as you can use it both as a refresher and as a training tool for future employees. The content of the training remains our intellectual property and may not be shared with others outside of your organization.
The time needed to perform the training depends on the individual needs of the shop. In general, two to three days is a good start. Those that need advanced training or have special needs may require 5 days.
No, there is always the option of training 1/2 of the crew at a time, but then that doubles the amount of time needed to do the training. The training can be recorded and only a small number of staff, such as a designated person from each of the departments sitting in on the training. The recording can be played back to the non-attendees later.
The cost depends on the type of training required. We will be happy to discuss it with you and work up a custom quote based on your needs and expectations. We have often been able to double production and eliminate enough waste to generate a return on investment in as little as one month. After that the higher margins increase your bank account, allowing to grow the business.
We offer retreats and are often booked solid during the colder months in the USA, as the temperature remains in the upper 60˚F or warmer in South Central Mexico. The evenings may drop to 50 in our winter. The temperature is the main reason more people choose the winters, but we are busy all year round. The retreats are a good way to bring your staff closer together, with a fully deductable working vacation.