Mentoring Online

I accept a handful of qualified, high-achievers into my yearly Mentoring Program. It provides an inexpensive way in which we can work together that do not involve travel and the expenses involved in leaving your home and work.

We can work with your set objectives using the telephone, email and/or video conferencing to provide you with the knowledge you need to be more successful, efficient, and effective. We hold face-to-face meetings each October at the Specialty Graphics and Imaging Association (SGIA) Conference and Exposition.

I limit the number of companies in the group so that I can provide the assistance needed in accordance with my time constraints. I do have one opening available. It is for a one-year program and includes:

     • A full-time consultant to advise you
     • Email and/or Internet (VOIP) Phone Support
     • Weekly Online (VOIP) Meeting
     • Business Advice
     • Screenprinting Technical Advice

Contact us by clicking here to make your reservation for the program.

The cost is $7,000 per year (averages $583 per month)