Virtual Coaching

This is for those who need only a short-term consult over the span on one month. Within today’s Internet, we can work together even when separated by great distances. I love nothing better than sharing what I have learned with those who are eager to grow. We can work with your set objectives using the telephone, email and/or video conferencing to provide you with the knowledge you need to be more successful, efficient, and effective.

Each month, we will speak on the phone, send emails and hold video conferences in which we further the concepts of your growth. We not only serve as your virtual coach but as a mentor and sounding board. Whenever you are faced with a problem, you simply pick up the phone and call. You will have your own personal consultant on call.

1 Hour per Month – $95 USD

3 Hours per Month – $255 USD

5 Hours per Month – $375 USD

10 Hours per Month – $650 USD

Contact us by clicking here to make your reservation for Virtual Coaching.