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Solutions Journal provides a fresh take on providing knowledge to the screenprinting technologies. While other magazines focus on selling advertising and base their content with a bias to advertising dollars, all of our articles are written by knowledgeable authors with a deep background in screenprinting. We don't publish biased articles written by representatives of manufacturers and distributors, and we never use interns that are not familiar with the industry.

Our goal is quite simply to present non-biased expert knowledge you can trust!


You may have noted that others have moved their content to digital imaging and away from screenprinting. We have stayed true to our readers and their interests. If you are a screenprinter you will find we are here for you.



We began as a print magazine in 1983, but with the advent of the Internet, we were the first to go online with digital publishing. We were the first to publish reader-based information rather than being biased toward advertising dollars.


Our Mission

To be the resource for an unbiased perspective on the best practices, innovations, and trends. Sharing factual information that helps you to become more consistent, predictable, and repeatable (CPR) in your organization.



In 1983, realizing that there was a bias of information being published by the mainstream media on screenprinting, G. William Hood, Founder of Solutions Journal, created the magazine to fill the void with non-biased expert knowledge. In the beginning this meant forgoing the advertising revenue to avoid the bias. Times changed, the print media began disappearing with the advent of the Internet and Hood was the first to embrace the new technology. As the article length was not restricted by advertising dollars, he found he could provide in depth information.

Today, the number of pages in trade magazines has been drastically reduced as advertising dollars fell with the economy. Expert written articles were handed over to sales representatives and interns. Hood persevered over the years, and it paid off. Other magazines have ceased publishing, and the few that are left have jumped on the digital imaging advertising dollars. They have all but ceased to publish articles dedicated to screenprinting.

Over the decades Solutions Journal has continued to be the authority on information for the screenprinting technologies.


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Consistent quality advertising increases consumer loyalty for a product, service or idea. Advertising seeks to maintain the current customer base by reinforcing purchasing behavior with additional information about the benefits of brands. The goal of advertising is to build and reinforce relationships with customers, prospects, retailers and important stakeholders. But none of that matters if your advertising is not in front of the right audience.


With most of the other trade magazines shifting to articles on digital imaging, they are fast losing the readership of those in the screenprinting technologies. For over 35 years, Solutions Journal has been dedicated to screenprinting, and we have no intention of changing our market. To reach those in the screenprinting technologies we have affordable rates that will help you promote your brand to the right audience. To advertise with us, contact us at adv@solutionsjournal.com.




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