They Don’t Have Time!

Every person is given the same 24 hours in a day. And yet, the most common excuse for not doing something or in not doing it right is, “I don’t have time!” It seems that busyness is used as a badge of honor among screenprinters everywhere. In this article, we discuss the 27 of the most common things that screenprinters seemingly don’t have time to do, and the cost for each of making the excuse. And, as a bonus, we discuss how you might be able to gain another 8 hours of time each day within your business.

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Bill Hood is an International Consultant in the Screenprinting Technologies, focusing on consistency, predictable outcomes and reproducible results. He is the author of over 50 books on the screenprinting technologies as well as thousands of technical articles, many of which are available at online. He writes for Solutions Journal Magazine and other trade publications, is a speaker at various events and has judged international screenprinting competitions. He can be contacted through his website at online.