In 1983, realizing that there was a bias of information being published by the mainstream media, G. William (Bill) Hood, Founder of Solutions Journal, created the magazine to fill the void with non-biased expert knowledge. Times changed, the print media began disappearing with the advent of the Internet and Hood embraced the new technology and Solutions Journal became the first online magazine for the screenprinting technologies. As the article length was not restricted by advertising dollars, he found he could provide more in-depth information.

Today, the number of pages in trade magazines has been drastically reduced as advertising dollars fell with the economy. The number of articles was reduced and expert-written articles were handed over to sales representatives and interns who wrote articles to promote their products and education. Hood persevered over the years, and it paid off. Other magazines have shut down, and those few that continue to publish have jumped on the digital imaging advertising dollars and all but ceased to publish articles dedicated to screenprinting.

Over the decades’ Solutions Journal has continued to be the authority on information for the screenprinting technologies, and we have no intention of ceasing to bring the screenprinting technologies educational material that our readers have relied on since 1983. We constantly strive to provide honest and trustworthy information to our readers.

We publish independent technical articles of interest to those within the myriad segments of the screenprinting technologies. The articles are written in such a manner as to be of interest to novices, intermediaries, and experts who wish to increase their knowledge of the field. We also publish a yearly compendium of the articles.


As of October 12, 2020, we have changed the name of the website to Screenprint Process Technical Research Center, as we move forward in our goal to satisfy the needs of our growing readership. The majority have requested that we devote more time to producing in-depth technical articles. In order to produce the articles, it was necessary to open a research center that would allow us to conduct the research. With the help of the manufacturers of screenprinting equipment, materials, and products, we are building a state-of-the-art research center.

It is not enough to write what we know but to continue to expand our knowledge through the acquisition of research data. The screenprinting technologies expand as innovation occurs across the board. Inks and coatings have become more sophisticated, emulsions are capable of holding detail that was thought impossible only a few years ago, and the substrates that screenprinters are called upon to print are constantly being altered. The Screenprint Process Technical Research Center will allow us to provide knowledge to those in the ever-expanding screenprinting technologies.

The problem has always been that the knowledge that screenprinters need has been difficult to access. The majority of novices have become helplessly lost with the advent of the DIY era and social media, where there are more misinformation and disinformation leading to more angst. The trade magazines and associations are chasing the large-format digital trades for revenue, leaving screenprinting behind. As 2020 began, we saw millions of people become unemployed due to the Covid-19 Pandemic. Many made the decision to start their own screenprinting businesses. Thus, the need for knowledge increased dramatically and at the same time, the sources for knowledge were failing.


It is our intent to become a knowledge repository for authors of articles, books, and whitepapers. Today, much of the information needed by screenprinters has been lost as hard copies are destroyed due to the constraints of space and fire-hazard. The Specialty Graphic Imaging Association recently destroyed all past copies of their magazine and copies of articles in their storeroom. While the information could have been scanned and preserved onto hard drives, they resisted spending the money. Many of the trade magazines only leave articles online for a brief time period to avoid the cost of bandwidth on their site.

There are a few individual authors who have their own websites, but finding the information when it is scattered across dozens of websites can be too time-consuming and often an unfruitful endeavor.

We have invested in allocating space on our servers and unlimited bandwidth that will allow us to allow for the repository of information needed by those in the screenprint industries to better understand the process, eliminate problems quickly, and grow their businesses. We are already the largest repository of knowledge on screenprinting and will continue to grow with your support.


Few endeavors can exist on a deserted island. We will need your support to help us grow so that you can benefit from our work.

Readers: If you want articles that are written by experts and give you the truth, without question, you should subscribe to Solutions Journal Magazine today. It’s the easiest way to benefit from what we offer, and you’ll get to read the articles to gain the knowledge that you need. There are currently hundreds of in-depth articles on the website that will provide you with immediate access to the right answers. And, if you don’t find an answer using the search feature with your keywords, you can submit a support ticket to ask us for the help you need. Your support will help fund the future of both the articles and the research needed to provide more knowledge.

Research Advisors: The Research Advisors participate in the research by assisting our researchers. Each month our research staff posts a short survey consisting of 12 questions. The survey may take between 3 and ten minutes to complete. The questions cover a wide range of screenprinting topics. You can opt to remain anonymous or allow us to use your name when we refer to your answers in our research articles. All Research Advisor Members will be listed on the Research Advisors page at our website as a way of giving credit for your contributions to the SPTRC. The results of each survey will be published anonymously at the end of each month and made available to fellow Research Advisors. This provides Research Advisors access to information that is only available to members. If you clicked on the Public Option button, we may share your information and give you credit in a research article at SPTRC. You can become a Research Advisor at the Research Advisor page at no cost to you.

Authors: There are over one hundred individuals writing articles on the screenprinting technologies. In order for the screenprinter to find the knowledge that they need, using Google to search narrows the possibility of getting the right information almost non-existent before they give up. The Screenprint Technical Research Center and Solutions Journal act as repositories for the authors so that everything is in one place. We have an open call out for any author to submit their articles and white papers for peer review and inclusion. Articles can be submitted on the Article Submission page.

Manufacturers: The future of the Screenprint Process Technical Research Center hinges on the acquisition of equipment, supplies, materials, and products from the manufacturers. Your assistance will benefit those in the industries and provide you with exposure through the website and in the research papers. Contact us for more information on how we can help. Contact us at +52 777 565 3061 in Mexico or +01 512 807 8222 in the USA.

Researchers: For those who are in need of performing research, we can provide you with assistance by providing the Screenprint Process Technical Research Center for your research needs. We would be pleased to have you submit your proposal, whether you need us to conduct the research or if you prefer a hands-on approach. We can work with your needs and provide an inexpensive resource for you. Contact us at +52 777 565 3061 in Mexico or +01 512 807 8222 in the USA.