Principles of the Ink Transfer Process – SOLD OUT

Principles of the Ink Transfer Process – SOLD OUT

17 Nov 2021

Learn How Ink Transfers to the Substrate

If you are the average screenprinter, ink transfer is not what you think it is. Nothing can be more important to your success than to have knowledge of the ink transfer process. It is paramount that you understand what is happening on a micron level during the movement of the ink from the top of the mesh to adhering to the substrate. Since the actual ink transfer is hidden by the amount of ink in front of the squeegee, it remains a mystery to many.

  • Preparing the ink for printing
  • Proper fill blade and squeegee adjustments
  • Control of speed and pressure
  • How mesh and tension play a major role

This event will be held on online and is limited to 25 individuals. There will be a question and answer period at the end of the presentation.