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There is no cost to you, and it requires only a few minutes of your time each month.

The Research Polling Team Members participate in the research by assisting our researchers. Each month our research staff posts a short survey consisting of 12 questions. The survey may take between 3 and ten minutes to complete. The questions cover a wide range of screenprinting topics. You can opt to remain anonymous or allow us to use your name when we refer to your answers in our research articles.

All Public Research Polling Team Members will be listed on the Team Page at our website as a way of giving credit for your contributions to the SPTRC.

The results of each survey will be published anonymously at the end of each month and made available to fellow Research Members. This provides the Research Polling Team access to information that is only available to members. If you clicked on the Public Option button, we may share your information and give you credit in a research article at SPTRC.

Simply complete the form below and click on the Submit button to become a Research Polling Team Member at SPTRC and give us permission to give you credit on the Team Page on the website.