SPTRC Repositories

Submissions for the SPTRC Repository

Open Acess Repository

An open-access repository is defined as a collection of full-text documents available in online databases on the Internet that can be accessed freely and instantly. The creation of an open access repository significantly promotes making research visible to the world. As a safeguard, all works are backed up daily to two off-site servers, reducing the potential for loss.

Academic Repository

An academic repository allows researchers, and other members of the Screenprint Process Technical Research Center to preserve their documents in an easily manageable cloud-based system. As with many academic repositories, the level of openness surrounding the contained content of each submission can be determined. This allows the content to be available to people who wish to read it inside and outside of the SPTRC. It also allows researchers to put an embargo, or specific password filters, on their document to limit who can see it. This is common for sensitive content, such as research that has potentially viable content for a patent, or contains content that is wanted to be kept secret, until such time when the work is fully released.

SPTRC Online Store

If you wish to sell your articles and books, we can include your works in our online store for a nominal plan of US$0.99 per unit sold plus a 10% per-item referral fee, i.e., an article that sells for US$4.99, would incur a fee of US$0.99 + US$0.499, resulting in a net to the author of US$3.50. A book selling for US$29.95, would incur a fee of US$0.99 + US$2.99, resulting in a net to the author of US$25.97. The author is responsible for all cancellations and chargebacks. Authors, wishing to submit their works to the store must follow the submissions guide below and pay the nominal one-time publication fee.


Authors within the screenprinting technologies are invited to submit their research papers on the screenprinting process through online submission. All submitted manuscripts are subjected to a review process. There is no upfront charge for pre-processing the manuscript. However, if a paper is accepted then the author is required to pay a Publication Charge, which is a very nominal one-time publication fee of $25 USD which includes the following:

Publication Charges Include:

  • Review
  • Spelling and Grammar Check
  • Translation into Spanish
  • Publication of Research Paper (Online Repository)
  • Creation of Downloadable PDF
  • Individual Soft Copy (to each author of the paper)
  • Search Engine and Site Indexing
  • Paper Handling Charges
  • Maintenance of Website and Journal Infrastructure