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We offer two forms of membership; Solutions Journal Membership, which provides a subscription to the Magazine, and Research Membership that funds the Screenprint Process Technical Research Center (SPTRC). Let’s begin with the former and then dive into the latter.

Solutions Journal Membership


Our vision has always been and continues to provide non-biased, knowledgeable, and accurate information to screenprinters

While other publications have moved to focus on other areas, such as digital printing, pad printing, and embroidery, we are totally devoted to screenprinting. If you want to advance your knowledge about screenprinting – then this is the place.

Return On Your Investment

Let’s face it, everyone would like something for nothing. However, few things are free. You wouldn’t expect to get free food from a restaurant, so why expect that information that you need to improve your skill sets, or help run your business would be free.

Yes, the Internet can be a wonderful tool in so many ways. Except when you need knowledgeable, correct, and precise information. Sure, you can find information, but is it the Best Practice solution that will allow you to quickly become efficient and effective? It is like searching for the proverbial golden needle in a haystack. What you really want is the “right” information, so that you can get back to solving the problem you have encountered.

So, what is the Best Practice solution worth to you? Well, if you are like most in the screen printing industry, you have a shop rate that allows you to meet your break-even point AND realize a return on your investment that allows you to stay in business. For even the smallest shop, this can reach $65 an hour, meaning that you have to earn $1.08 per minute for your time.

What if you were to receive just one bit of advice that would allow you to shave 1 minute from your day? Within a year of 261 workdays that one bit of advice is worth $281.88. That advice is not hidden in a single article, webinar, video, podcast, or in our Private Member Network on this site, but is available many times over to our members in each of these features.

Our policy is, and always has been, to exceed the expectations of our members. To date, we have never had an unhappy member, and we plan to keep it that way by giving many times more than we receive. It is not just our policy, but the right thing to do!

When you subscribe to a free magazine, you must surely realize that the magazine would not be able to continue to give the magazine away for free, without advertising revenue. And for them, the advertisers expect loyalty in return for those dollars. Thus, you only read one side of a discussion – what the advertisers want you to read, and thus all articles are written with a bias. In fact, most of the articles are written by representatives of the advertisers to promote and get you to buy their product.

The bias on this site is to present the truth. Other magazines base their articles on whether the articles will reduce their advertising dollars and thus articles are normally written to promote the products sold within their pages. Many of their articles are written by unpaid interns or by the representatives of the various advertisers and are little more than a sales pitch. Our articles and other information are written without any bias to advertising revenue. You will always find the truth to be more beneficial.


Technical Article Archives
Access to all technical articles as they are published and the complete archive. There are currently in excess of 500 articles – enough to keep you busy reading and learning for months. And, we are constantly producing new articles. You will not find the information we publish in trade magazines or elsewhere online. Every article is written by an expert in screenprinting, business owner, and consultant in all aspects of the screenprinting technologies. The articles are not limited to just one segment of the industries, like other magazines.

Tips for Screenprinters
A compendium of tips and tricks on every area of the screen printing technologies. A single tip is well worth the price of your subscription. Check it out!

Unbiased, authoritative education discussing the screen printing technologies.

Our videos are time-related and not available elsewhere. Subscribers receive a notice and can view the videos during the time they are online.

Our podcasts are specifically related to screenprinting and give listeners precise information on a single topic in a short amount of time.

Discounts on Selected Events
Members receive advanced notice and special discounts for our events, both virtual and physical.

We send a monthly update of new articles and features available to members. We understand how easy it is to forget to visit the site and take advantage of the opportunities offered. Don’t worry, we will keep in touch with you with a reminder to ensure you get value from your subscription.

Research Membership

Research Membership fees fund the Screenprint Process Technical Research Center (SPTRC), which conducts the extensive research needed to provide information and education to the professionals within the diverse segments of the specialty printing community including the segments of; functional, industrial, graphic, garment, textile, and electronics. The fees fund a diversity of projects within the SPTRC including:

Efficient production is critical to success in today’s ever-evolving marketplace. Without production guidelines, a predictable, successful process cannot be achieved. The research agenda includes projects aimed at providing industry guidelines for specific production concerns.  The research conducted on these important projects provides the industry with timely information for better production decisions that can save money while reducing time and valuable resources.

Coaching and Training
Providing coaching and training provides a fast-track for members to achieve successful completion of goals. Our experts will provide these services to members.

Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) for the multitude of tasks to be performed. For screenprinting, this would cover mesh choice to tensioning and continuing through exposure and development in the screenroom. In production, the guidelines would cover press setup from squeegee hardness choice, to angle, downstop, pressure, and speed.

Project Development
The Research Center experts provide assistance to members in need of project development. We can provide knowledge, skills, tools, and techniques to project activities to meet the project management requirements. Our collaborative process is carefully planned and designed to achieve a particular aim. Even complex projects are easier to manage using Best Practice methods and tools. We provide expert advice.

Testing and Consulting
Offering assistance to members to help them understand and develop solutions related to their projects and products. The goal is to assist in solving difficult challenges with experts to provide solutions. Our expert team will guide members through diagnosing the criteria and deliver advice that gives the highest quality of work.

Benefits of Research Membership

Members joining under the Research Membership all the benefits of a yearly membership to Solutions Journal plus the following:

Technical Whitepapers
Those who join under the Research Membership will also have access to the published technical whitepapers by the leading authors of the screenprinting technologies. The whitepapers are produced in both English and Spanish versions. Members can also submit their own whitepapers for publication at no additional charge to the Journal articles.

Knowledge Base
Members have access to the extensive Knowledge Base on screenprinting topics.

Publishing Rights
The Research Membership enables authors to publish research in open access or fee format. Research Membership authors can publish articles at nominal processing charges.

The Screenprint Process Technical Research Center covers a wide range of disciplines within the screenprinting technologies. Some articles may be freely distributed under the ‘Creative Commons License’, permitting unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction of the article in any medium provided the original work is properly cited, or authors can charge a fee for their work with a nominal cost for handling. All members will be listed on the team page.

A special “Research Member Page” will be created for every Research Member who submits papers, which will list all articles published by the author.


Your subscription will automatically recur and can be canceled at any time during the subscription year at your PayPal account, and you will not be billed past the current subscription term. There are no refunds offered as this is a digital product.

Level Price  
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