Troubleshooting the Printed Image

Troubleshooting the Printed Image

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  • July 1, 2021
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The Second Edition of Troubleshooting the Printed Image by Tamas S. Frecska has been released by Screenprint Books.

troubleshooting-the-printed-imageAlthough much has changed in the screenprinting technologies since the original book was first published, the problems with printed images have not. Screenprinters continue to have the same issues with a myriad number of edge and area faults. Every day on the forums and social media groups new screenprinters pose questions, often accompanied by photographs of problems.

The problem is that the forums and social media are populated with a great number of novice printers who can only guess at what went wrong and often give conflicting misinformation on how to resolve the issue. Thus, a great amount of time and resources are needlessly lost. Countless others who are not active on the Internet must attempt to find solutions to their problems on their own.

What’s New
The second edition is actually four editions as the book is available in both a printed format and e-book, and it is in the process of being translated into Spanish, for the first time, and will be released in both printed and e-book versions.

The Imaging Problem Cross-Reference Chart (11 x 17-inches) is being made available in high-resolution, poster size, format (26-inches-high x 40-inches-wide), which can be printed on a large format printer and displayed on the shop wall. The Troubleshooting Record Form (8.5 x 11-inches) is also available for download online in high-resolution.

All the illustrations, charts, and tables in the book are new. They were recreated in high-resolution for printing at up to 300-pixels.
The text in this second edition is true to the original version and was approved by the author for accuracy. So you can be sure that the information is correct.

About the Author
For those who are new to screenprinting and do not know who the author, Tamas S. Frecska is, he is a graduate of Beloit College (1961/ BA in Industrial Design) and LaSalle University (Business Management)

Tamas has spent all of his adult life working directly or indirectly in screenprinting. He was a production- or department-manager for American Decal, Chicago, IL, Stewart Warner, Chicago IL, Fosco Fabricators, Dixon IL, and Pro Arts Co., Medina, OH. His fascination with screenprinting drove him to become a self-educated engineer and soon started designing both equipment and production programs.

Tamas was the founder of Encore Engineering in Sarasota, Florida, where he designed and manufactured the Encore Line of squeegee sharpeners and other products for the screenprinting industry. Upon his retirement, Encore was purchased by Fimor Group, of France, the leading manufacturer of squeegees.

In 1981, Tamas became the editor of Screen Printing Magazine. In 1985, he launched the magazine Screen Imaging Technology in Electronics (SITE). Frecska is a lifetime member of the Specialty Graphic Imaging Association, a Fellow Member of the Academy of Screen & Digital Printing Technologies, and a 5-time recipient of The Dave Swormstedt, Sr. Memorial Award for excellence in technical writing. He is now officially retired.

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