Our publications provide non-biased and truthful knowledge written by experts in the screenprint technologies.

About Us

Solutions Publishers is a privately-owned and independent media company founded in 1965. We provide high-quality publications, events, monthly newsletters, podcasts, videos, and other multi-media resources for those in the myriad screenprint technologies.

Our success comes from our difference in editorial content. We choose to be non-biased in our content and to be deep thinking as we question assumptions and promote the truth, rather than going along with prevailing myths only to make people believe that they are correct in their thinking. Our maxim is “Learn to Think, Think to Learn” and it has paid off for us and for our readers.

Our Mission

Deep Thinking. Ethical. Impartial. Objective. Passionate. Provide Value. Questioning Assumptions.

Our Vision

To provide knowledgeable information that our readers can use to become more successful while promoting the growth of the screenprinting process.

Our Values

Honesty. Moral Character. Purpose. Responsibility.