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FoolsWe are looking for photos taken at the Austin Sun or of Sun staff and contributors. If you have any photos, we’d love to post them here for all to enjoy once again. You can email scans of your photos to or if you do not have access to a scanner, we can scan them for you and return the originals. See the Contact page for information.

If you already have the photos online somewhere, you can post your photos below in the comment box by using a bit of code. a href=”Enter URL For Photo Here” title “Enter Title Here”. Be sure to add a < mark at the beggining and a > at the end. Also, leave the ” marks as they are and simply enter the information as shown, with the URL and Title. The tags are also given in gray just below the comments box below.

As an added treat photographer J R Compton, who was thoughtful enough to record a visual history of the “Sunshine Days” has placed a number of photos online for our viewing. You can admire these photos on his site at J R Compton Sun Photos. Please to not copy any of J R’s photos or post them anywhere else. These are copyrighted images.

Others who would like to exhibit there photos on their own websites are encouraged to do so. We are happy to supply links on this site to your photos.

The old photo below has been floating around the Internet for a few years. It is believed to have been taken at the Armadillo World Headquarters in 1977, after the Fools appearance because of Van Wilks center presence in the photo.

The photo shows contributors to the Austin Sun – Margaret Moser who was no doubt there to write about the event for her music column in the Sun, and James “Big Boy” Medlin who wrote the Sports Column.

From Left to Right, top row: Unknown (Anyone know for sure who this is?); Big Rikky (Guacamole Queen); Van Wilks ( of the Fools) holding Spook the Cat (Dillo Groupie Cat); Margaret Moser (Sun Music Columnist) and Stephen Moser; Big Boy Medlin (sports editor for the Sun). Bottom Row: Marty Manning (DJ at KOKE-FM) and Janet Burris (Sheauxnough Studios).


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