February 16, 2009 – In a restaurant in Santa Barbara, California over a glass of after-lunch wine, Deborah Stall-Nelson, the past Director of Marketing for the Austin Sun and Bill Hood, past Art Director discussed how much they miss the days of the Austin Sun and especially the other creative staff members and contributors.

It was during the Santa Barbara meeting that Nelson and Hood decided to create the website that you are now visiting. A place where former staff members and contributors to the Austin Sun, individual artists, writers, photographers, artisans and musicians could visit and reminiscence about the past era of the Austin Sun, before each of us headed off on our own journey. A place to come together once again and tell the story of their journey through life.

The domains were purchased and the site was built. The site went live in August of 2009. There have been two reunion parties and more are being planned. There were in excess of 275 individuals that worked and contributed to the Austin Sun. Register now to join the others.

Thoughts transpire from individuals. They join to form rivulets and eddies and cascades of creation. These coalesce to create streams of dreams and rivers of imagination. There is a channeling of like minds, which then branch and split and often are banked to form the aqueducts of ideas. A blocked stream of consciousness is often like a river dammed: The creative waters run deep, fighting their way across the barriers, weaving over rocky precipices, and threading through strands of stumps, in the moving mass of a thousand trickles of thought, to plunge over the cliffs of individual consciousness and into the common pool of thought.

The era of the Austin Sun – People who cared enough to dare to share their messages to change the world.

The sharing of messages forged the soul of the 70’s. It was the driving force behind the art, writings, photographs, music and other artisan offerings of the heart of that Austin Sunshine generation.

At the time, the political winds blew a web of war and racial iniquities upon those infected only with the innocence of youth and the beliefs of idealism.

And rather than allow the flames of individual needs and desires to be extinguished in the conquering breeze, the creative forces of the generation united to form a fire that swept the nation and transformed its peoples.

It was an era of love and peace and individualism, but also about the communal insistence of the need for these messages to exist and to be publicly celebrated.

The children of the 70’s are now grown. What once was the raw liquor of creative energy has aged and matured to a complex mingling of flavors and accents, scents and visions, sounds and souls.

The challenges have changed.

Where once the voices seemed to sing to the wide empty spaces of secretly straining ears, there is now the cacophony of marketed messages competing for the small space of human attention. We are confronted with this in our daily lives, as missives ooze in with the road signs, pour in from the portals of our televisions and pop up on our computer screens alongside the software for social connectivity.

Where once we kindled the fires of knowledge in one location through one crucible of creative energy, we now find our collective souls spread across the boundaries of nations and sparkling in a sea of diverse cultures and times.

Let us shine on the collective selves of individual synergy. Like the Zippo driven points of flames hailing from a concert of caring creative thought, or the revelationary glow from a galaxy of disparate stars or the candlelight vigils of a mass of collective points of light that refuse to surrender the soul of the world to the forces of darkness!

Come alive with the wild fires that have spread from the spirit of the crucible of our youth!

The world is changed again and made anew by the use of our collective light.

Oddly enough the 70’s are often referred to as the Me Generation precisely because of the collective insistence that the creativity of the individual be celebrated.

This site is about our collective generational roots in the perseverance of the creative spirits of individual artists, writers, photographers, artisans and musicians. It crystallized about the reunion of individuals from The Austin Sun but even these souls have since continued in their artistic metamorphic journeys, just as they have also kindled the same in those around them.

Please join in celebrating the brilliance of the past, even as you join in creating a greater light for the future. Dive into the pool of common communal creative synergy.

Contribute and sculpt this website to honor Austin’s role in the history and culture of the seventies, to celebrate the individuals from the past whose contributions shaped our imaginations, and to enhance the mingling and melding of the creative minds that bridge the times of the past into the present and future Austin Sun Era.

But don’t stop there.

There is a broader and more creatively current pulse of individualistic expression that was kindled from the nucleus of brilliance that sprang from the heart of the Austin Sun.

Although it is suggested that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, the actuality is that the genius of the great minds forged in a past time is best demonstrated and upheld by the creative future that they create to follow in their footsteps.

Help us to form the future structure of a place that markets the message of the persistent relevance and current value of the spiritual gifts of Austin that were incubated in the 70’s. This site is for staff members, readers and those who lived through the era and wish to remember it.

Your thoughts and energies will expand the marketplace of messages from a maelstrom meant merely to redistribute monetary riches to a place of powerful ideas developed and preserved by a progressive continuance of the Austin Sun Era. Your efforts will transform the world into a truly richer place.

Let us know your mind! Share with us your ideas for the celebration and the showcase of the current creative offerings that trace their creative roots to the spirit of Austin in the 70’s. Be the force that preserves the history of the Austin Sun Era as well as the new creative force that ushers in an Austin Sun Era.

To be clear, there is no owner, no gatekeeper, no staff and no fee to join. There are no politics to agree or disagree with, and no real rules that members must abide by to be considered worthy of membership. This site is for anyone who worked at the Austin Sun (paid or unpaid) and for the contributors. It is your place to be yourself and contribute what you wish.

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The road goes on forever and the party never ends.” ~ Robert Earl Keen

Art Above: Streams of Dreams by Bill Hood