Austin Sun Retrospective

The Sun Retrospective is coming along. Leea Mechling, Executive Director of the South Austin Popular Culture Center, has confirmed that there is an exhibit entitled “The Austin Sun Retrospective” in the works for September 11 through October 23, 2010.

We are receiving emails from a good many people that intend to exhibit their memorabilia. To reaffirm, the items you lend to the museum will be returned to you immediately after the exhibit ends on October 23. If you are in town, you can pick them up or if the items need to be mailed back to you, the SAPCC will appropriately package and will pay for return insurance and postage.

The Center is seeking items for the exhibit, so if you have anything to share give them a call. They are looking for pretty much anything that is relevant to the Austin Sun; photos, artifacts, drawings, art, original manuscripts, or other items. Ray Reece wrote from his home in Italy to assure that he will be sending along some articles from the era. If you have any photos, objects, articles, or anything you’d like to share, please consider contributing to the cause. All items will be returned.

They are  interested in scans and images you would like to share, which should be 300 dpi, size at least 8-inches x 10-inches (or proportionally appropriate) and up to 18” x 24” and in the format of either jpeg, tiff or pdf files.

Large files can be compressed in a zip folder and sent that way. Images may also be burned to a CD and sent via the mail or dropped off at the Center.

Send images electronically to:

Or send physical items to:

South Austin Museum of Popular Culture Center
Attn: Leea Mechling, Executive Director
1516-B South Lamar Blvd
Austin, Texas 78704
Telephone: 512.440.8318

For more information, please contact the Center’s Executive Director, Leea Mechling at [url]mailto://[/url] or leave a phone message at 512.440.8318

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