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Your best friend at the paper … the person you stayed up all night with each week to get the paper out on time … the writers, editors, artists, photographers, salespeople, advertisers, band members, and who can forget the bakers of Schlotzsky’s across the street who delivered the warm, albeit broken, bread to our offices to nourish our souls in the middle of the night.

They’re out there. The people who made a difference, the ones you lost touch with along the way. We’ve scattered around the world, had children, changed jobs, got old. We are what we are today, perhaps by the experience we had as those young people who worked tirelessly to put out the weekly Austin Sun.

The Austin Sun will reconnect you with the people who’ve meant the most to you. You’ll be able to glimpse into their lives and, if you choose, pull them back into yours and stay connected.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide the most comprehensive service to help Austin Sun Alumni easily find and stay connected with friends, family, lost loves, and colleagues.

What This Means for You

The Austin Sun is the perfect place to post updates about your own life and read about the exploits of others in our online forums.

The Austin Sun will feature articles written by the alumni about the Sun and others from time to time.

The Austin Sun will host an annual reunion party in Austin where everyone can get together in one place to celebrate the common thread that brought us together. Read more in the News Section.

Reunion Stories

We will publish reunion stories about alumni who hook up with other alumni. These personal re-connections make great stories and we begin with the Reunion Story of how the two founders of this site reunited recently in California and decided to make this site a possibility. It makes our day when we hear about the personal re-connections that The Austin Sun makes possible. Read about them under the Reunion Stories section.

Getting Down to Business

Launched in 2009 by ex-Sun Staffers and now entrepreneurs Bill Hood and Deborah Stall-Nelson, The Austin Sun will reunite those individuals who contributed to the success of the Austin Sun during it’s heyday. No matter what role was fulfilled – writer, editor, photographer, artist, reviewer, advertiser, janitor (did we ever have a janitor?) – this site was created as a way for those individuals to stay in touch with one another.

The photo shown above is from the time that the publication was named Texas Sun and includes Sun Staffers: Jeffrey Nightbyrd, Bill Bentley, Frances Barton, Margaret Moser, J. David Moriay, Sara Clark, Gordon Litchfield, Deborah Stall-Nelson, Chipper Wilcox, Dan Hubig, Nancy McMillen, Michael Ventura, Karen Half, Carlene Brady, and Big Boy Medlin.


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  1. Tim Mahoney says:

    Hello all. I was there a short time, on the recommendation of “Eric Pasa”, and I thought you made a first rate effort to transcend the general journalistic efforts of the time. I remember specifically a meeting with “our banker” who was genuinely intrigued with our mission, and wanted to see us succeed. Oh if he could have been more typical, and I wonder what he/you all are doing today…

    Tim Mahoney

  2. BigBoy Medlin says:

    It’s good to know that some of the old Sunners & Sinners are still around. I am living in Venice, California hiding out from Travis Redfish. I get to Austin once or twice a year. Always up for a party and a Sun Reunion would be a great excuse for one. Thanks for launching this website.


  3. Bill Bentley says:

    I think we should each write a chapter for a book called The Austin Sun Diet about one (or more) life-changing experiences there. The 70s deserve more respect!

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