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The Austin Sun Community volunteer staff is excited to serve the vision of reconnecting those who made the Austin Sun happen–from janitor, to proofreader, photographers, illustrator, writers, to ad salespeople, advertisers, paper route people, as well as editors, bookkeepers, and the lawyer.

Think of all the important tasks that went into getting just one issue of The Sun out!

We are now getting reports of Austin Sun Alumni reconnecting on the West Coast!  Abundant Joy and exuberance is being expressed around these important reconnections. And of the over 100 individuals who are on the list, only one person has expressed any reservations, but we are in hopes that he will come back around and share in the joy.

The Sun was a magical publication in a magical time, and some of us have discovered the creative magic to be more powerful now as it was then. But after 30 years, it has evolved; and so have we. Please let us know if you want to serve in this community in any way, and join with us to make various reconnections and events all possible.

We want to especially thank Eric (Enrique Pasa) Rosenblum for his thoughtful suggestion how to make the site more user friendly. Under his advisement, we have created the Forum as an area for people to post their introductions, events, ideas, remembrances and hold conversations online.

We tried the Forum route once before, but it had problems with a great number of Russian Kiddie Porn advertisers, so we trying some new software, hoping that it will work out much better.

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  1. Dan Hubig says:

    Eric Rosenblum and I will be in Austin October 29 – November 1, hoping for a gathering/party/event that weekend. We’d like to see as many of you as possible.

    Looking forward to it,

    Dan Hubig & Eric Rosenblum

  2. Bill Hood says:

    There are rumors of an event on Halloween, but no one has put out an official word yet. If anyone has a specific date, time and place you should post it here for all to see.

    It’s great to see everyone coming together to celebrate!

    Bill Hood

  3. Enrique Pasa says:

    Thanks for the bulletin board, Bill. Unmoderated is best if it can be accommodated. I had a similar problem with porn spam on a hosted social bookmarking site (, but found that by limiting postings to registered users we got rid of the spam. If you want to talk about this further we can take it offline. Meanwhile, I look forward to seeing the gang in person in Austin at the end of the month.

  4. Bill Hood says:

    Enrique, I have been deleting 8 to 10 SPAM messages a day here. There is no way to keep them out other than moderating the posts. I check the site each day and approve the comments.

    I have 131 websites at the moment and understand the problem quite well. I either have to approve the members and make it difficult for them to register or I have to moderate the posts. There is no easy way with WordPress.

    I understand that I can move the site to other software, but I don’t want a hosted solution. I like hosting the site myself and having the control over the backup and security that I have in hosting.

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