Dean Rindy

deanrindyDean Rindy was the political commentator for the Austin Sun. Today, Dean is President of Rindy Miller Media, along with Cynthia Miller, who is a veteran media consultant who’s produced hundreds of television spots under high pressure for winning candidates across the country.

Dean has been lead strategist and media consultant for over 300 political campaigns and is known for his ability to successfully frame public policy ideas in clear, precise language. In 2006, his firm managed successful media campaigns for Democratic Legislative Caucuses in Iowa, Missouri, Oklahoma, Tennessee, and Florida. In 2003, he managed media strategy for Texas House Democrats in their famous flight to Oklahoma to oppose a gerrymander scheme by Tom Delay.

Dean Rindy is known for innovative work in political media. He’s won numerous “Pollie,” “Addy,” and “Telly” awards, the Oscars of political advertising, as well as a “National Merit Award” for environmental communication. He’s been a trainer and guest speaker at dozens of seminars and workshops on media and campaign communication, both nationally and internationally.

Dean is a co-founder of the Texas League of Conservation Voters, a former reporter for the Houston Post, Austin American-Statesman and Austin Sun, and also served as a city Planning Commissioner and State Senate Investigator before becoming a political professional.

He holds a B.A. in History from the University of Texas.

Dean sent in the following recent photos to share with us…




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  1. dan hubig says:

    Dean! Wow! I’m impressed …. you had them build you your own pyramid …. (the least they could do). It looks just like the original. I guess there will be room for me to stay with you when ever i get to Austin.


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