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Author Topic: Inception of Austin Sun Group Idea
Deb Stall-
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Post Inception of Austin Sun Group Idea
on: August 23, 2010, 19:30

Timing is Everything: To go back to the initial inception of the Austin Sun Group Idea, we need to rewind back to August of 2007 when my sister Carol, an avid Sun supporter, was going through some stuff in her jewelry studio in South Austin, kind of like a once a decade Spring cleaning. She ran across several issues of the Sun and quite a few art posters she had collected.

She called me. It was strange because I had been thinking and actually having dreams about the Austin Sun for the first time in a decade or so. Carol and I were recalling moments from those days and we then we started looking up people on the Internet. At that time MySpace was dominating the social network world, and Facebook wasn't a prominent player so finding people wasn't necessarily easy. Carol thought if we could get enough people to come together, we could hold an event at the South Austin Museum of Popular Culture.

We did find Nightbyrd, one of the initial editors of the Sun, and suggested he might want to collaborate with us for an Austin Sun Reunion, but he was sort of distracted with life things as we all get, and wrote me an e-mail saying he didn't have time at the momemt and he would get back to me. That was in August of 2007 when Carol was cleaning out her studio. I spoke to Nightbyrd several times about creating an event and even putting together a website. But, he didn't seem interested.

Then that very week, by coincidence, my sister Carol went to an event for Micael Priest at Threadgill's, and she ran into Bill Hood; and mentioned the idea of a Sun Reunion. So with the idea Austin Sun Reunion Idea still alive, Bill got on the e-mail with me and we tossed it around it bit. Now we were connected via e-mail, and when Bill came out to Long Beach in May of 2008, he gave me a call and we spent an amazing afternoon on the beach remembering things that we had not thought of in years and years. Barbara took some wonderful photos of us, and then as the sun set over the Pacific Ocean, we had an amazing couple glasses of wine overlooking the Santa Barbara Harbour, a very memorable moment in time.

It was like that 25 or so years hadn't passed. That same creative energy was still firing off, and as we discussed ideas to help some of the artists find their place in history and even possibly grow to another level, we got excited. Ideas about reunion events were tossed around such as social events, and the idea to do a showing in the South Austin Museum of Popular Culture was also part of that inspirational moment in Santa Barbara.

Our thought was to be Inclusive of all the forces, supporters, even advertisers that financed the Sun. We concluded that it was a magical era, and that so may people, events, energies, talents, monies, had all come together to make that magic moment we called the Austin Sun possible. The creativity that came out of that era was the true star of that show, not us. Our thought wasn't that the magic was because of particular people or heroes, but that is was emanating out of an era of incredible creativity, passion, and dedication to certain ideals of that time. And we wanted to honor that.

So out of that inspiration, a month later In June of 2008 this website was born! Since then there has been two reunion social events under the organizational leadership of David Moriaty. Unfortunately, although I had made 2 trips to Austin from the West Coast that year, I was not able to put that reunion date on my calendar; but I heard that is was a good time for all that were there!

And 3 years later, after Carol had mentioned the idea of collaborating with the South Austin Museum of Popular Culture, it is happening, starting on September 11, 2010. It's amazing what can happen when people have great ideas and then pull together as a team to see a whole greater then themselves.

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