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after an Austin Sun party 10-21-77Does anyone remember this photo from October 21, 1977? Ken Hoge sent it along with what he remembers of the shot, but we’d like to hear your remembrances as well. We received this photo from Ken Hoge. His statement regarding the photo is:

“I am pretty sure it is a Jim Franklin painting but can’t remember if this was at the Sun office or somewhere else. It is on a roll of film from an Austin Sun party the ad team put on 10-21-77 and was the last shot on the roll, sort of the party’s over shot. Looks like we were drinking champagne, maybe we just bought that high tech copier. I’d have to dig up the roll to provide more info, I scanned this on a whim a while back when I was working on something else. I remember Jim Franklin was there and a bunch of Sun staffers.”

What we do know for sure at this point is that the small sign on the left side of the photo reads, “Do Not Remove Books from the Law Library.” What were we doing throwing a party in the law library? Well, stranger things happened back then.

Does anyone have any information on this photo? Where was it taken and was it at an Austin Sun Party? Maybe Ken boogied over to the law library after one of our staff parties at the old Manor Villa Apartments. Now, that was the way to hold a staff meeting! You really get to know your co-workers around a clothes optional swimming pool.

after an Austin Sun party 10-21-77

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