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The Cultivation of Creative Genius

That is what our Austin Sun past symbolizes for many of us today. It was the printed display of a life in a time that transformed a nation and a generation. It was the soil that made us what we are today. And the Austin Sun planted the seeds of thought and action that enable us to grow and bloom in the current.

This site is about you. The past and the present and the future of your creative energy melded into an exponential synergy of people, places, thoughts and actions.

Send us a snip from your current creative garden or a treasured thought from the past generation. Share how the life and times of the Austin Sun provided the warmth of energy that fans the flames of your current creative endeavors. Site changes should reflect and showcase your opinions and your creative transformations.

We are listening and making changes. Put the ones that you would like to see in any font and form that you prefer but please let us know your mind!

This is the unique boutique of our own cultural café!

We won’t batter or badger you with the advertising that pervades the malls of the huge social networking behemoths.

This is your playground. We’ve added new forums and features for your enjoyment. Let us know if you would like them sculpted into new forms for the future:


We have installed new forum features where members can communicate with the group:

Introductions: Tell us about the new you that evolved from the Austin Sun era past. This is a great place to post tidbits to get in touch with old friends and also to make new ones!

What Happened to?: Have you lost touch with someone from the old days? Or maybe you are living incognito in the suburbs or on some island off the grid. Post your queries, sightings, and sharings here and let’s make the world a friendlier community.

Events: Host an event or help someone spread the word! E-mail lists are great, but the world is full of forgotten Email messages and like the seating area of your favorite café friends old and new are known to lurk on this site.


Touch: Use this to contact the administrators to make comments and to request new features.

Profile: Post your Public Profile and read those of others! You will find your snippits posted at your Profile shared with others under the Activity tab. This is similar to the public message boards posted on many social networking sites, but without the advertisement harassment.

Acct: Update your Profile here with information. Include a photo since we are a graphics rich community and share contact information and preferences. You can even change your password if you’d like.

People: Listed are the people that you have made a special effort to befriend on this site. Expand your list of friends by clicking on the photo or the name found on the post of another person on the site and sending a request for their friendship.

Friends: Friend Requests are found here. The Friend Requests are created by a click on a name or a photo, which takes the interested person to your profile and the link that allows them to request your friendship.

Activity: See what other folks on the site have been doing! This is the place where postings on your Profile tab will publicly appear.

Inbox: Private Messages sent from those that you have befriended will appear here.

Constant improvements as per your requests will be sculpting this site, so visit often and be a vocal part of building a better community.

Bill Hood & Deborah Stall-Nelson

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