Planning Meeting

A planning meeting was held for all Austin Sun Community at Carol Stall’s (Deb Stall Nelson’s sister) home in South Austin on Saturday, August 15th. As you read this, we invite you to ponder the mission of the Austin Sun Reunion Group and how you might fit into the bigger picture.

Folks at the meeting were inspired with a “broad brushstroke” to lay a foundation to be validating for all. The Austin Sun Community inspired with an Inclusive Vision, has now staked a claim for gathering the talents, resources, connections, and energy of all who were part of the magical moment of the Austin seventies.

The purpose of the meeting was to lay groundwork for future reunions, and complementary events. Deborah Stall Nelson, (involved in marketing in Colorado and California) with Carol Stall, hosted the meeting. It was truly a meeting of the 21st Century, with attendees joining via telephone and Skype from locations worldwide. Who says we need to be physically in the same room for the creativity to soar? Nothing ever stopped us before! The audio/video hookups allowed the meeting to be reminiscent of the creative synergy from the old days. At the Planning Meeting the following mission statement was conceived:

“In recognition of the creative forces active in 1970s Austin, the Austin Sun Community is formed to recognize, celebrate, and preserve the creative chemistry of that era. The mission is to orchestrate public events designed to reawaken and to share the creativity and excellence of that time. Extending the journey into new millennium, Austin Sun Reunion Group reaches back to the roots of the Austin Sun Culture, and creates opportunity for “Austin Sun People” to showcase their talents once again.

“To honor Austin’s role in the history and culture of the seventies, The Austin Sun Community will host public events featuring music, arts, photography, history, and culture celebrating the era’s stars and their attendant casts. This platform will create an historical legacy—in the form of a permanent showcase for 70s artists, writers, photographers, artisans, and musicians.

“The Austin Sun Community intends to educate the community about the art and soul of this creative era—by enlisting the broader community to sponsor and support the commemoration of this vibrant era.”

There were nominations made for roles that will pave this way. Individuals have accepted these nominations and we hope to be hearing from others soon.

As a leadership, in serving this vision, we will provide e-mail lists, communications tools, website announcements, links, press releases, logos—whatever would enhance each “truly inspired project” within the scope of this mission. This may include giving publicity to those 70’s musicians/artists in and around Austin, with upcoming art/photography shows or performances…someone may build and maintain a “List of Events,” for those performing ‘that genre” of music or art around the globe!

We have heard the cry… “We didn’t make money then, why would we make money now?” Good question. While the Austin Sun Community Leadership is not attached to “making money” we will create the platform for those who might chose to move their art to a more celebrated, visible, validated level. If part of someone’s vision is to “finally make some money” we support them; and will access legal minds to create royalty agreements for artists desiring to be involved at this level.

We have noted the growth and awareness most of us have experienced the last 30 years. It is extraordinary; and we expect this spirit to reverberate throughout the Austin Sun Reunion Group family—that we all may take a breath of thankfulness for the journey of life so far!

The vision of the Austin Sun Community depends on supporters and initiators to build and create in many areas. We are asking you to do some soul searching—to identify your true areas of strength, gifts, and creative talents. Not from then…but NOW. We are not attempting to resurrect the Austin Sun Publication in any way!

We are only the catalyst to bring people back together to spark the creativity. Clearly we have all moved light years beyond the old “Austin Sun Daze,” and can pull together to make things happen anew…at a whole new level!

Please take a moment to think about the mission of the Austin Sun Community and how you might fit into the big picture. We’d love to hear from you.

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