Party at Dave’s

The party’s over but the memories remain. The reunion held at Dave’s house on the banks of the Colorado River was a smashing success with a number of past staff members and a few others showing up to renew old acquaintances.

The party begin at 1:00 p.m. with the first of many guests and ended at 3:00 a.m. as several guests sat on the patio and had a lively discussion about the economy, markets, social mores.

There was swimming in the beautiful Colorado River behind Dave’s home, kayaking and lots of snacks, beer, wine, tea, water and sodas. Dave presented guests with copies of a poster from his days at Rip Off Press as souvenirs. There was another lively conversation about who had actually drawn the illustration accompanying the words that were either written by Gilbert Shelton or Fletcher Boone, with no consensus was every reached.

Ventura arose early in the morning to drive the 6 hours from Lubbock, Big Boy flew in from Venus (California, not Italy as he kept reminding everyone) and a great contingency of Austinites were in attendance.

Some of the names I remember are: Jeff Nightyrd, Dave Moriaty (of course) Carlene Brady, Bill Hood/Barbara Wilson, Thomas Pantin, Dean Rindy, Ramsey Wiggins, Sam Yeates, Micael Priest, Roger Baker, Madelon Umlauf/Michael Eisenstadt, Veronica, Shelly, Rica (neé Dolores) Escovedo, Michael Kleinmann and his beautiful wife, Susan, Kathy, Dian/Houston White, Gretchen, Nora Hansel and Mom, Lori, Francis Morey, Cass Hook/Scout Stormcloud, Margaret Moser, Ginger Varney, Sonny Carl Davis/Jennah and many others. Someone help me with last names!

Here are a few photos that were shared. Click on them to enlarge!

Micael Priest
Tomas Pantin
Michael Ventura
L to R: Dave Moriaty, Tomas Pantin, Ginger
L to R: Sonny Carl Davis, James “Big Boy” Medlin, Ramsey Wiggins, Sam Yeates

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  1. Bill Hood says:

    Hey, I will be there! I wouldn’t miss it for the world. I hear Bentley is coming and Deb Stall is considering flying in from Santa Barbara if she can move some pressing work around!

    Hope to see all of you there!

  2. Bill Hood says:

    If anyone can supply us with a more through list of the attendees at the reunion it would be greatly appreciated. Also, any photos you would like to share will be great.

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