Billy Perkins Poster

What’s a Poster Worth?

This just in… Billy Perkins, the Austin poster artist has one of his posters being sold by a collector on eBay for $900. The poster is for the Mad Max viewing at Alamo Drafthouse. It is numbered 195 of 270 and is signed by the artist. The seller states that it is in VF condition and is the “real deal!”

My first thought was, good for Billy, as most artists have to wait until they are dead before their works start bringing good money. Maybe Dylan is right, ” The Times They Are A Changin’ ” What do I know.

All I know is I am on my way to Google to search for any “inexpensive” Perkins posters for sale. Surely, there are those who don’t yet know that the value of this poster has just skyrocketed. Since there are 269 more of these out there somewhere, I stand to make a fortune if I can find them.

So, what has this got to do with the Austin Sun? Actually, lots, if you are like me and still have some old posters from the era. What, pray tell is a Ken Featherston poster going for today? I have a great number of posters stored away and now I am thinking of how much it’s going to add to my insurance premiums. Maybe its time to start investing in posters to fund my retirement.

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