We are each tested in every minute of our lives. Yes, life is just one test after another. It has always been and will always be. There is no way to avoid the test of the moment. It is laid out in front of us and we will either pass or fail. It is up to us to decide how we will complete the test.

Life is filled with moments that test your very being. Moments, when you feel that you are being tested beyond your very limits. Tests that often stretch you into an expansion of your limits and your level of tolerance.

The "life tests" that allow you to become more emotionally mature and step up to the demands that life throws your way to become a better person. A moment of testing that gives you an opportunity to better understand yourself and others.

A test that allows you to remain steadfast in your past beliefs that you hold so closely, but in fact have never worked well and have only brought to this very moment - to another test. Or, to be understanding of others and attempt to accept them from moment to moment as they seek to better understand you and meet your expectations.

Tests that give you the opportunity to help another that professes to be suffering and asking you for your help. You can either help or not help, as it is your choice to do so.

Tests that help you mature either emotionally or spiritually. Sometimes both. The purpose of tests in our lives is to see how much we have grown beyond a previous challenge that life placed before us. They show us our current maturity level, our personal evolution. More importantly, our ability to help others pass their own similar test.

Tests are reviews of previous experiences. They are not unfamiliar - we know the answers and we know how to pass the tests that we must take moment by moment. And sometimes, the tests are put before us only to help us learn something new and expand our wisdom.

How will you decide to finish the test that life presents at this very moment? Will you make the right decision to accept what is your destiny to provide a brighter, more enjoyable future for yourself and others? Or will you stand firm in your decision to live in the moment and accept what may or may not happen in the future?

Or will you simply reach out, take the test and crush it into a ball and throw it away, erasing any possibility of growing emotionally and spiritually, erasing the dreams, wants and needs of the future? Crushing the dreams, wants and needs of another in doing so?

Is it really so easy, to simply destroy all that with a push of a button in a moment of indecisiveness?