I have made a decision to go on a sabbatical from my … well, from everything. I found my life severally spiraling out of my control. Nothing has been going as I had planned and I have felt lost. So I have decided to take a week off from my self-imposed hectic life to go on a spiritual journey in search of the truth. This post is being written and scheduled to auto-post on Monday, October 12 – my 70th birthday.

The journey is not one that I have particularly aspired to. I only want to step outside the reality that I have created in my mind. Yes, we all have those thoughts – that we create to fool us into believing a certain reality that we grow to believe is reality. What I will be looking for is the truth, and to find it I have decided to step out of the reality that I have created to look back inside of the world that I leave behind to see what is real and what is not. The Truth!

I have no expectations that I will find a complete resolution to my problems within a week. I am intent on uncovering as much truth as possible, however. I am searching for a week of self-exploration in which I can uncover the misconceptions that I have instilled in my mind. Knowing before hand that as I uncover one problem, another will be revealed to me that I had not considered, and only make my journey more difficult. I vow to have patience and accept what I will be given to better understand the issues I am facing.

I will be going to a very quiet place where I will not be disturbed. There will be no Internet or phone service, so I won’t be tempted to do any work. I intend to spend the time meditating and focusing clearly on my self-introspection journey for Truth. I hope to come back a better person.

I will be back on October 15th or so. Be sure to check back on the following Monday to read of my journey.

Oh, and please send good thoughts for my success.