Do you know why your job sucks? Do you know why millions of people work for minimum wage? Why people don’t have proper health care? Why far too often you feel that life itself sucks almost daily?

Because incompetence has become a cancer in our society. Competency is the ability to do something successfully or efficiently. Incompetency has infected our society to the point that laws have been created to maintain incompetence, hence the minimum wage. If people were to become competent leaders of government, or of firms that hire workers, there would be no need for a minimum wage. Wages would be based on competency - not on a minimum wage. If competency existed in hospitals, with doctors and scientists we would have low-cost cures for diseases. If everyone possessed the ability to become efficiently successful and being successful were suddenly made easier, then most crime would disappear because crime would be more difficult than becoming successful at a more worthwhile venture.

If I see nothing else in my lifetime, I would want to see incompetence disappear from the face of the earth.

Incompetence forces you to self-center yourself. That's right, concerned solely with your own desires, needs, or interests.

It also forces you to believe in something you don’t believe in, the destruction of society. Yes, the cancer that is incompetence is destroying society a little bit at a time and soon there will not be any such thing as competence.

It’s time for people to stand up for competence, not what they believe in, but the correct thing. There are two kinds of standing up for what you believe in. either it is the truth or it is not. It should come as no surprise that the majority of people are simply standing up for what they believe in - not what in inherently the truth.

Every day, where ever you go you are surrounded by so much incompetence that it has become second nature and you take one of three courses:

1. You simply ignore the incompetence and hope that it will go away. Newsflash - it is not going away!

2. You accept incompetence into your life and become just another lemming in the race to the bottom.

3. You fight against incompetence and become the solution instead of remaining a part of the problem.

That’s also know as: Give up, give in or give it all you got!

Yes, we are supposed to be a great society or at least a democracy where everyone has a right to their own beliefs. But you know what? That may be our biggest problem - the right to be incompetent.

We are not suppose to offend others. We don’t want to hurt others and make them look stupid because they believe in the wrong things or in the wrong way.

However, there is a great division between maliciously offending others and telling them the truth.

Of course, it is wrong to maliciously hurt others. That’s nothing more than using strength or power to harm or intimidate those who are weaker. and bullying someone will never get them to becoming competent. It pulls them down and destroys their self-esteem - the very thing that they needed to become competent in the first place.

No, incompetence is created by a lack of the truth and often this is beyond your ability to intercede with help on your own. Because those that are offended by the truth have such a severe problem that they are in need of professional help and nothing you as a layman can do will ever bring them back from their delusional state of mind. You have no obligation to defend those who do not believe in the truth. All known things are either the truth or just an opinion and any sane person knows whether what they are speaking or thinking has been proven or is simply a product of their own over-imaginative mind. To those people the truth will always be offensive because it shows them implicitly that they are wrong in their thinking and they will be offended by the truth.

We have a problem in society today that far too many people become offended at the truth. Because we have lost the meaning of what truth is. Anyone - with a great speech writer who can twist the meaning of words around - can get elected to the highest post they wish. Anyone with a great lawyer - who can put a shadow of doubt in the minds of a jury - can get away with almost any crime. Hospitals and doctors have become nothing more than large corporations responsible not so much for your health but to the building of wealth for themselves and their shareholders.

Yes, truth has become arbitrary in the minds of far too many. We don’t expect that others, even elected officials or the doctor who is responsible for saving your life (or not) will speak the truth any longer. People can just make things up for your own. They don’t have to be right or have a better point of view.

Those with the power of words - learned from repetition over a lifetime of being wrong - will become offended by those who disagree with them and begin attacking the truth. They know the game and know that they will win. Because those that know that they are right will either give up, give in or give it all they’ve got! They automatically lose on the first two, and will lose on point three if they cannot hold out long enough, because the more intelligent person will get tired of the game and dealing with incompetence and go home.

In order to be competent, you must possess the truth - knowledge of a thing. If you cannot not speak the truth, you have nothing of value to add to society, or to a conversation. Because if you only have your opinion, that is only based on what you believe to be the truth, then opening your mouth to speak or making a comment on a social media site will only further promote your inability to speak coherently and everyone will then know that you are incompetent.

Of course, you can cease hanging out with your competent friends or posting on ideas that you have no knowledge of, but that would prove to be a lonely existence indeed. And most would find it quite difficult to live in such as vacuum.

We should not allow incompetence to continue to destroy our work, our wages, our health, or our very life. And, you my friend can do something about it. You can help wipe out incompetence. All you have to do is educate yourself with the truth and give it all you’ve got to assure that everything you think, say or do is the truth.

Cease to give an opinion that you only “believe” is truthful. Cease to forward those emails that you only “believe” are the truth. Cease to re-post all those cliché memes on social media that you only “believe” are truthful.

Because believing that something is truthful does not make it the truth or the right thing to do.

Educate yourself! Yes, educate yourself. But not just reading the opinions or beliefs of others. Instead learn to think for yourself, then go about attempting to "prove" what you believe to be the truth before you open your mouth and assure everyone that you are only the problem and not the solution.

Think to Learn - Learn to Think!