If you are old and reading this I have some advice that will make what years you have left some of the happiest years of your life. If you have someone in your life that is old, share it with them. If you are still young, print this out and start following the advice now, so you will not ever act old.

I have lived a bit over 70 years now and I've learned a lot along the way. I certainly do not profess to have all the answers, but I am happy with my life today. Sure, I made a lot of mistakes, but I turned them into learning experiences and continued on down the road. Some of the mistakes were repeated a few times, some repeated too often to remember how many times, but they all led me to being here today.

I am not alone in my thinking, as I have many friends my age that live their life much as I do, and they too are leading what we consider a most pleasant, peaceful, serene and tranquil life and are happy - most of the time. Obviously, everything I have learned has been through my contact with other individuals, listening to them as they spoke, or reading their written words, which led me to think about the many little nuggets of information they supplied to me along the way. So, in a way you can consider this a compendium of sorts.

Take what you want and leave what you don't. Life is like that, too!

It is no secret that humans are in a worse state of affairs today, than they have been for thousands of years. Most humans are unhappy! There are many who are living in absolute poverty without sufficient resources to live a healthy lifestyle, while their neighbors are spending money they don't have on the many non-essential necessities of life and are also unhappy.

I will leave it up to you to consider why the human race is not progressing towards happiness as there are scores of reasons that could fill hundreds of books. As those who are in power often state when asked why so many people are unhappy with the current state of affairs will often respond with, "It's difficult!"

What I can tell you is while you or I may not be able to fix the world's problems, we can - as individuals - make choices that will lead to our own happiness most of the time. I only use the phrase, "most of the time" because there are others who seemingly surround themselves with a contagious, dark cloud of unhappiness. If you get too close to these individuals some of that dark cloud will attempt to attach itself to you and will remain there until you shake it off. Thus, since there are more unhappy people in the world than happy ones, it will be difficult to achieve perfection in happiness.

Segments of the Day

Most of our lives are rigidly defined into three periods of primary activities.

Education, Work, Retirement, Playing

This brings me to the first bit of advice.

Surround Yourself with Happy People

Obviously, the goal to being happy is to simply get rid of unhappiness. In the beginning, you will often find yourself surrounded with unhappy people who seeming only want to bring you down to their level. You have to resist them and move away in your search for happy people to surround you. The more happy people who surround you, the further you are from that contagious, dark cloud of unhappiness. The bigger the happy crowd around you, the more you are protected from unhappiness.

Resist the temptation to attempt to fix the world of others who you really do not care about, because you can't fix their unhappiness any more than you can fix stupidity. If you do run into a truly deserving person whose dark cloud has not yet consumed their life and you feel you can help them, then by all means give them what you can. If they want to change, they will. Otherwise, you have to keep progressing on your own road to happiness and leave them behind.

Eat Healthy

One of the biggest problems that leads to unhappiness is being overweight. The population is growing more obese by the minute and diabetes is on the rise due to the massive amounts of sugar that people take in. The solution to losing weight is to only eat what you need to eat - not what you want to eat. There is no reason to gorge yourself when eating. Only one meal will be your last, and you will have other opportunities that come several times a day to enjoy a small meal. Eating smaller portions increases your ability to enjoy the food that you do eat. Make yourself happy several times a day.

I lost 75 pounds in one year with most of the loss in the first six months by simply giving up bread, and I have kept it off without being unhappy. True story! Bread is extremely fattening and most breads that are consumed do not offer any real substance to your diet. You do not have to drink sugary drinks and eat a candy bar every day to be happy. Consider natural sugars available in fresh juices, rather than the commercial juices that have water and sugar as their main ingredients. Sugar will only make you more thirsty, so drink water instead.

Most alcoholic drinks are full of sugar and completely unnecessary to your happiness. Try drinking water the next time you are out with friends who are drinking and you will find more happiness as you will increase your comprehension and better understand the humor in watching them become intoxicated. The only downside is that you will have to drive them home later.

Quit Complaining

You may be surprised to find that when you choose to complain rather than look for the good and positive in everything, you will only be making yourself more unhappy. Give thanks for every minute that you have in your life. Really, if nothing else you were still here this morning when you swung your feet off of the bed and they hit the floor. Be thanking for that!