Perfection is a state of mind – a choice.
Your success in all things begins with your will,
If you think you can, your will can pull you through.
If you have no will, it is almost certain you cannot.

Without will, you assign yourself to failure.
If you wish to win, but think that you cannot,
You have already lost all chance of winning.
It is all a state of mind.

If you think that you will lose whatever you attempt,
You will think that winning is impossible,
Your attempts to find success will be minimal,
And you will fail to realize your true potential.

The person who thinks well of themselves,
The one who think highly of their potential,
Who gets better with each and every day,
Will always emerge as the winner.

Life is a battle began at birth,
The winner is not the fastest or stronger person,
Surely not the weakest either,
And, the winner is the one who thinks they can win.

Their precious, perfect life occurs at birth,
To do with as they see fit in their accomplishments or failures.
Some will never try, others will not try hard enough,
But those with the will to win will always live a perfect life.

It's up to you to make your own choices in life,
To make the right choice to be as perfect as you should,
Either you will or you won't be successful,
But in the end it is your choice and no other can help you.

- Bill Hood