Nothing Can Make Negative Thoughts Go Away
It seems that no matter how much we want to get rid of overwhelming thoughts they simply keep coming back. It is because they never left.

I have written about how to get rid of overwhelming negative thoughts before, however I still get asked for clarification. Perhaps it has a lot to do with the fact that negativity seems to surround us, especially with so many negative news reports,

Know this; nothing can make negative thoughts go away completely. Once they have entered our mind, they are there to stay. I choose to fill my mind with as many positive thoughts as possible so that there is little room for negativity. You must learn to say no to negativity.

The mind is an incredibly powerful tool. It pays attention to everything we think, say, or do, and it stores all that information away for future use. Why fill your mind with the negativity that will only come back to make you miserable? Speak only positive words, think only positive thoughts, watch the right movies, read the right books or news stories that have positivity as their theme. Remember that all that information is going to be fed back to you later.

Think of the brain as a four-drawer filing cabinet and consider how we store things in the file cabinet. The most important items are stored in the top drawer, and the least used items in the bottom drawer.

The top drawer contains our conscious mind, which generally only process a small amount of information at a time. This is where we keep thoughts that we refer to often, those that we are working on at the moment. We keep bringing in new thoughts, memories, interests, and motivations and we run out of space. The mind must continuously move things from the top drawer to a lower drawer to make room.

The second drawer is our subconscious mind, which contains a larger reserve of information relating to behaviors and habits that affect our feelings and emotions daily. Information stored here can easily move into and out of our conscious mind (the top drawer) when we allow real or imagined emotions to increase. This drawer is where we want to store our positive thoughts, feelings, and emotions.

The third drawer is our unconscious mind, generally reserved for that, which we have no conscious awareness of or control over, such as body functions like breathing, digestion, and heartbeat. This drawer is where negative thoughts, feelings, and emotions are normally stored if we allow.

The fourth and bottom drawer is the deep unconscious mind. Think of this as the basement of the mind, which contains processes, which we purposely push information that flowed into our mind, but that we have no use. This is where we should store all of the negative thoughts, feelings, and emotions that we just can't seem to get rid of, no matter how much we want to.

The mind is constantly moving things from one drawer to another in the level of importance to us. The problem is that when our emotions increase, we allow negative feelings to enter into the conscious mind, if only momentarily, in the belief that those feelings are important to us. If the mind believes that it is essential, it will never move the negative thoughts to the basement.

When we feel your emotions increase and negative thoughts start to enter our conscious mind, the best way to push them back down to the basement, is to fill our mind with lots of positive thoughts, until there are no more negative thoughts, feelings, and emotions in our conscious, subconscious, or unconscious mind.

Take advantage of your mind by allowing it to help you achieve the most positive goals and live the life that you truly want to live. My wish for you is that you will always be delighted in all that you do!