Having an indigenous maternal grandmother, I learned the truth about many things at my grandmother and my mother's knee. Both were extremely intelligent and kind women, who had a propensity for the truth in all things.

I grew increasingly disappointed in school because of the many inconsistencies in the historical leanings of the education system and was thought of a trouble-maker by the teachers who did not actually know the truth or were duped into the lies.

A few years ago, I was showing a friend around San Antonio, and when we stepped into the small chapel, we were guided through a display of portraits hailing the leaders of the illegal occupiers of Northern Mexico as heroes. As well, the litany of stories about the murder of innocent legal settlers of Texas becoming increasingly overwhelming. Not one of the stories was truthful and painted Mexico as a band of savages that had invaded the United States.

At one point, I interrupted the guide and explained that as a young college-educated black man, he should be ashamed at the stories he was telling us were insulting not only Mexico but his own culture. The entirety of the events only occurred because the illegal immigrants into Mexico would not give up their slaves. Slavery was against the law in Mexico and only went to Northern Mexico to drive out the illegals who were insisting on continuing to force African-Americans into slavery.

The slave enthusiastic, Andrew Jackson, who was president at the time, lied to Congress and held that the Louisiana Purchase included Texas and that he had every right to send troops to Texas in an attempt to forcibly remove it from Mexican control. When that didn't work, he systematically and covertly began sending volunteer rebels into Texas (with slaves in tow) to assist in the murder of the Mexican troops stationed there.

The Mexican troops in Texas were commanded by Santa Anna's brother-in-law, General Martín Perfecto de Cos, who was captured by the illegal rebels on December 9, 1835. President Santa Anna sent a letter to Andrew Jackson explaining that the murder of Mexican Troops by the foreign immigrant rebels was unacceptable and that he had passed a resolution classifying the rebels as pirates. The resolution effectively followed the worldwide practice, at the time, that captured pirates were executed immediately.

Andrew Jackson believed that Congress would support his efforts for the land-grab and told Santa Ana to go ahead, but that the USA was going to take Texas away from Mexico.

When the illegal immigrants began killing Mexican soldiers, President Santa Anna had no other choice than to retaliate against the murdering of the real heroes of Texas - the Mexicans.

After spending most of my life knowing the truth and being ashamed that most USA citizens did not, I was amazed when others, African-Americans and Hispanics applauded my short speech. I was never so proud when the guide called over security, and I was ushered out of the Alamo for attempting to incite a riot.