The Story of Aftermath’s Tribute to Michael Dadich

Michael Dadich

Those who watched the new movie, Aftermath (2021) on Netflix were intrigued when a tribute flashed on the screen at the end of the movie.

The tribute has created viral speculation about who was Michael Dadich since the two main characters in the movie (Shawn Ashmore and Ashley Greene) were named Keven and Natalie Dadich. And, there was no Michael Dadich in the many credits that rolled afterward.

Michael Dadich was an author who died on 22 June 2020 at the age of 51, from a brain aneurysm while taking a nap in his home in Los Angeles.

Dadich was a close friend of people connected with the movie, including Aftermath's director Peter Winther and Zach Sklar who played the deliver man in the movie. The Dadich last name of the two stars played an additional tribute to Dadich, as well as the tender moment when Kevin explained that he had a brother who passed away.

Michael Dadich was an author of The Silver Sphere (2012), a Young Adult Fantasy/Sci-Fi novel. The Silver Sphere is a magical armillary device created by the Truth Seekers, the celestial protectors of the universe. The Sphere can deliver the precise celestial coordinates of Biskara, considered to be Satan in the Eridanus constellation. Only the Aulic Assembly members have the ability to operate the Silver Sphere. Upon death, the Kin inherits their counterparts' ability to utilize the Sphere. In a 2013 interview, Dadich stated that the book is the first of a trilogy and that he was currently working on book two—The Sinister Kin.

The Silver Sphere has won 17 awards including:

  • GOLD MEDAL: Mom’s Choice Awards - Young Adult Fantasy
  • GOLD MEDAL: Wise Bear Books - Young Adult Fantasy (General + Adventure)
  • GOLD MEDAL: Readers' Favorite Book Awards - Young Adult Fantasy
  • WINNER: Pinnacle Book Achievement: Fall 2013 - Fantasy
  • WINNER: Beverly Hills Book Awards 2014 - Young Adult Fiction
  • WINNER: National Indie Excellence Book Awards 2014 - Fantasy
  • BRONZE MEDAL: Moonbeam Children's Book Awards - Young Adult Fantasy/Sci-Fi

After having written a few hundred pages of the first draft of The Silver Sphere, Dadich suffered a previous brain aneurysm while playing hockey. He stated that;

"I learned dramatically that life is fragile. It can be gone in an instant. No time to pack, square some things away, and finish up projects. I was fortunate to have a full recovery. I decided to spend more time with my family at that point and shelved the writing for some time. I began getting involved in my community, fundraising, and coaching all my son's teams, and becoming park board president at my local park. Then my wife, who had constantly been in my ear about continuing my writing, gave my manuscript to a close friend who is a publicist. He really enjoyed what I had written and encouraged me not just to consider it a hobby."

Micheal also wrote a short story that is available as an ebook on Amazon, The Cistern Mission (2013), Young Adult Fantasy/Sci-Fi novel which is about a wild journey to a sister planet of Earth. This short story is a prequel to The Silver Sphere. The book won Mom's Choice Awards - Gold Label - YA Fantasy

Michael coached several local youth sports teams in Beverly Hills, California, and enjoyed his two crazy Corgis and hiking with his German shepherd.

Michael Dadich is survived by his loving wife Jenna and son Jackson (Jax).

Michael Dadich



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