Not all people who are your friends are truly your friends. Ask yourself this question, “Who among your friends are helping you grow or holding you back?”

The word friend is of Germanic origin, and related to the Dutch vriend and German Freund, meaning "to love". But, even more, important is the newer alternative meaning of "to support."

Do you have something special inside you? I can see it that you do, and so can others. Some people want to be your friend, only because they need people in their life to complete them. They are not happy with who they are, but they don’t want to change who they are. They want you to come down to their level.

These people have their own agendas and do not care about your agenda.

You will always be confronted with people like this in your life. Those that want to get close to you. They will use you to get what they need and want, and once they have it, they have met their agenda and no longer need you in their life. You are nothing more than a notch on their “friends” list to show others that they are well-liked.

But, not all of your friends really love you.

A true friend isn't somebody who makes your problems disappear? They are the ones who won't disappear when you face problems. Some friends are like shadows. They’re around you during the brightest times, but they disappear during the darkest times.

It is better to walk at night alone than with a fake friend. If you are attacked it is better to have a real friend who loves you. One who will help you fight off the attacker than a fake friend who gives you a thumbs up.

Everybody wants to ride with you in a limousine. But what about when that limousine breaks down and it's cold? Who's going to be there with you on the side of the road? Who's going to be there to carry your bags with you is you got to walk home see?

Your life is dependent on three things; the people you hang out with, what lessons you learn, and the actions you take in life. Do not stunt your growth by hanging out with the wrong people.

You have a special gift inside you. The more time you spend with fake friends, the less time you have to bring that gift out and make a difference that you lived.

What's the easiest way to catch a cold? You hang out with somebody with a cold, right?

What's the easiest way to catch a negative mindset? To hang out with somebody with a negative mindset? The energy of your real friends' matter. You should not be friends with those who are energy vampires. The ones who suck away your energy and leave you weak and defenseless.

They say people come into your life for a reason, for a season or a lifetime. The season for these fake friends has passed. It is now your season, where you will flourish, where you will grow, and become exactly who you were always meant to be - You!