Ancient Temple Discovered Inside Teopanzolco

On September 19, 2017, a devastating 7.1-magnitude earthquake hit central Mexico, killing 369 people, and causing damage to 1,494 structures, within Cuernavaca.

Unfortunately, there was significant damage to some historical sites. In Cuernavaca, the damages included the Palace de Cortez, and the Teopanzolo Pyramid, among others.

Officials from National Institute of Anthropology and History (INAH) were called in to analyze the damages to the structures. While visiting the Teopanzolco Pyramid, they discovered that the two temples at the top, one dedicated to the Mesoamerican god of the sun and war, Huitzilopochtli, and another to Tlaloc were damaged.

Barbara Koniecza of INAH, stated that “The pyramid suffered considerable rearrangement of the core of its structure. There were large gaps between the stones, causing instability and the floor of both shrines had sunk and bent, which also put their stability in danger,”

However, while probing the area using radar, they found traces of another Tlaloc temple below the previously discovered temples. Ceramic remains and an incense burner belonging to the Tlahuica culture were also found.

The oldest human remains found in Cuernavaca to date were from 1000 BCE, and the Teopanzolco Pyramid was thought to have been built about 1100 AD. It is amazing that nothing between the two dates (2,100 years) have been discovered.

Source: National Institute of Anthropology and History

Source: National Institute of Anthropology and History