Community Involvement

Planning on visiting Cuernavaca? Some advance planning may take you from a holiday to a life changing experience. Cuernavaca has much to offer the traveler that is willing to immerse themselves into the diverse culture. Here are some things to consider during your stay.

Learn Spanish

While you are visiting Cuernavaca, why not give yourself the gift of a the Spanish language or improve upon your current skills. Not only will classes at one of the many world class schools allow you to explore this beautiful city and take advantage fully of all that it has to offer, you will carry forward these skills to improve your life.

Attending a Spanish language school in Cuernavaca, you’ll immerse yourself in the local language and daily life of this beautiful city. You will learn from the very best native language teachers. From day one, you will launch yourself into the local life, as you become more than just a tourist with a worn copy of “Spanish for Tourists.” You can attend group classes with other travelers or have a one-on-one with a native teacher.

If you are busy executive, you’ll be right at home as many of the schools offer Executive Programs. These programs vary, but you will have access to an assistant who can answer your phone and take messages, send and receive faxes, and even check your business email for important messages. You will access to the Internet during your breaks from the class and more.

As most of the schools offer intensive immersion programs, where your Spanish will improve from your very first day as you put your new found verbs and phrases to work during class and afterwards as you go out on the town.

Classes can be designed from just a few hours a day to 20 or even 40 hours a week. You can choose from classes designed for specific industries, such as medical and others. See the list of schools in Cuernavaca by clicking here.

Volunteer at Tlaloc

You can make a huge difference to some very worthwhile causes during your visit to Cuernavaca. Just as in your own city, we have many opportunities where you can give back by volunteering a small amount of your time. Consider some of these opportunities…

TLALOC not only teaches Spanish at their school, but they offer volunteers a way to participate in a variety of areas. After receiving several requests from their previous students, TLALOC now focuses in having volunteers who are willing to help out in the areas that are available for volunteering/interning.

The only requirement is that in some areas volunteers should speak Spanish well enough to get by. Previous  participants have made a big difference in Cuernavaca´s poor communities & the surroundings. Anyone can become part of this program; this does not only help poor people, but also has helped the participants to improve their Spanish skills!

Perhaps you´re a person who is currently studying in a community college or the university and would like to start practicing the vocabulary that goes according to your career. It would help you to take part of these volunteering/internship areas that there are available at TLALOC.

A Christian Orphanage –  This orphanage is willing to have anyone from anywhere as long as they want. No experience necessary, except that you everyone must speak Spanish good enough to get by.

Governmental – These are some non-profit government branches that have specific areas where anyone can intern or volunteer for the following:

  • Domestic violence matters
  • Child molesting (kids sexually abused “raped”)
  • Getting kids off the streets
  • AIDS charity & orientation
  • Women rights, Women center, Women with Cancer
  • Drug and alcohol abuse and rehabilitation
  • Young pregnancy
  • Temporary orphanages
  • Senior center “Elderly asylum”
  • Childrens´ hospital and adult hospital
  • Building/improving shelters & homes for people who work in the fields as same as the homeless, orphans or poor kids
  • Education (English & computers for instance are welcome)
  • Medical assistance (doctors, nurses and dentists)
  • Reforesting (planting trees)
  • Law enforcement (Police officers, lawyers, judges, etc)

English Teaching – There are several kids who would like to learn the language. This could be a great chance for anyone to provide their knowledge.

Human Rights – This can be for anyone with or without previous experience in this area which is a nice opportunity for lawyers. This is a non-profit organization that helps victims from unrighteous situations.

Journalism – Tlaloc has an agreement with a local newspaper that already has an English column, but from time to time, they need people who would like to help them in writing some local news in English. Tlaloc might also have this same journalism agreement with a huge local radio station in the near future.

Restaurant and hotels – There are a number of hotels and restaurants in town where you can be a water/waitress, host/hostess, etc. This gives you an opportunity to learn how to prepare Mexican cuisine, work with Spanish speaking employees and learn about the restaurant and hotel field.

Veterinarian assistance – Private veterinarians are seeking for people worldwide to assist him with the different pets that need to be taken care off.

Tourism – There is an agency within Cuernavaca that allows people (local and foreigners) to practice by providing info to the tourist. This is a great opportunity to practice the language and learn Mexican history.

Animal Protection Association – There are different animals that need taken care of like be fed and taken a bath.

Helping Disabled People – There is a great need for this area. A number of people, specially children, have disabilities and need your help.

In most of the jobs, everyone can come for as long as they way, beginning from 1 week all the way up to 1 year long or longer.
Contact Tlaloc for more information on these opportunities though their website at TLALOC.

Organizations for Volunteerism

International Volunteer HQ (IVHQ) can help you find the right place for your volunteerism. IVHQ’s local staff in Mexico are always looking for volunteers to fill needed positions. IVHQ Mexico has a wide range of volunteering opportunities available in teaching, childcare work, environmental work and computer tutoring.

Love Volunteers offers not-for-profit program fees for fun, rewarding, safe and affordable volunteering opportunities in developing countries around the world. Whether you’re planning a week helping a local community as you travel around a country, want to spend six months learning the local language or are putting your gap year to good use, Love Volunteers has a program that will give you the best possible experience.

Cultural Embrace partners with local humanitarian organizations to share more knowledge about the people and culture in Latin America. Our goals are to assist the at-need and at-risk communities and to improve their standards of living. By contributing your time, energy and passion to others, you will gain a memorable and meaningful experience while traveling abroad.

AmeriSpan – Volunteer in Mexico – A different type of experience is available at the Nature Reserves which need volunteers to help in the office and with research on-site. It makes for a good combination of those that are looking to experience Mexican professional life as well as the beautiful Mexican nature. For those that like to stay active there are more possibilities: You can volunteer in a rehabilitation clinic, help implement fitness programs for the elderly or organize sporting events at the local university.