El Popo Erupts Blanketing Puebla with Ash

El Popo volcano erupted at 2:32 am today, sending ash three kilometers above the crater of Popocatépetl, before eventually falling on the city of Puebla and resulting in the closure of the airport in that city, according to the National Disaster Prevention Center (CENAPRED).

The Puebla International Airport ceased operations at 7:00 am this morning, and is reporting that they will be reopen by 1:00 pm. Puebla Online reported that “practically everything remained covered in ash” this morning. Ash fall was also reported in San Andrés and San Pedro Cholula.

The eruption was accompanied by the emission of incandescent fragments which were reported to be landing up to 1.6 kilometers away, northeast of Popocatépetl. Civil Protection authorities have issued warnings to the public to stay away from the volcano until further notice.

“It is important to respect the security radius of 12 kilometers due to the danger of incandescent fragments being emitted,” said national coordinator Luis Felipe Puente via Twitter.

El Popo remains under a phase 2 yellow alert.