Melchor Ocampo Park

Melchor Ocampo Park, which is located behind the Pullman de Morelos Bus Station on Plan de Ayala in Cuernavaca, Mexico. So often we arrive at the bus station and completely overlook this small, but peaceful, serene, and tranquil place.

The most important aspect of Melcho Ocampo Park is it an ecological park. You will find native plants and trees that are marked with identification for visitors. It is designed to appear just as a walk in the wooded countryside might appear, with the exception of the walkways and benches to rest on.

There is a wonderful library within the park, where you can check out a book and read it while enjoying the serenity of the park! The park is 100% pet friendly, but you are asked to please keep all animals on a leash at all times.

The park is named after Melchor Ocampo (1814 — 1861) who was a mestizo by birth, a radical liberal Mexican lawyer, scientist, and politician.

Recently, Jardin del Arte Multicultural Melchor Ocampo Cuernavaca has been holding their Expo-Venta in August. You will find artists, paintings, organic products, food and drinks, an adopt fair and sterilization campaign for animals, classes in yoga, and more.