Mexico’s Best Doctors Listed

The website Doctoralia has announced the best doctors in Mexico in 16 different specialties, a ranking based on the votes of more than 15 million patients along with 4,000 doctors voted between January and October 2014 to produce the winner.

Most of the winning doctors were found in just three federal entities: the Federal District enjoyed first place for pediatricians, dermatologists and psychologists, while Jalisco led in ophthalmology, orthopedics and internal medicine. Sonora was home to the top-ranked cardiologist, gynecologist and urologist.

Next on the list was Nuevo León with the top odontologist and psychiatrist. The rest of the winners were in Querétaro, Tamaulipas, Puebla, Baja California and Guanajuato.

The ranking is a new project for Doctoralia, which operates in 20 countries and boasts 120 million users per year, and was implemented in Spain and Italy as well as Mexico.

The site’s co-founder, Frederic Llordachs, said the key to the project’s success has been combining the opinions of patients and other professionals. “. . . the winners are chosen not simply on the basis of the satisfaction of the users but also on the respect and professional validation of their colleagues in a specialty.”

The site has registered 60,858 medical professionals in Mexico, where patients can book appointments, ask health questions or rate the service of each.

Doctors’ pages provide details of their training, career trajectory and fields of expertise and answers to readers’ questions. Patients can rate their doctors on a scale of one to five on the basis of punctuality, service and facilities, and leave their comments regarding what was good about the service and what could be improved. In some cases fees are also given for the first visit.

For example, anyone looking for a gynecologist in Jalisco might do well to check out Dr. Ricardo Lúa Alvarado in Zapopan, who charges 500 pesos, about US $34, for the first visit, has been given five stars by 54 of his patients and speaks Spanish and English.

He has fielded 171 questions posed on the website with answers that earned a vote of approval from 21 medical experts who agreed. Seventy-three patients gave the doctor a vote of appreciation.

For many Doctoralia users one piece of information will be sure to surprise: the number of medical professionals who received a five-star rating for punctuality.

Source: Sin Embargo (Spanish)