Michael Hoey Art Opening

Viva Cuernavaca | Friday, October 14, 2016

Cuernavaca Artist, Michael Hoey, held the inauguration of his one man show, “Exploring the Sensuality of the Human Form” today at Plaza Pabellón in Vista Hermosa.

The show was exceptionally well attended by patrons and models of the pieces on exhibit. Judging by the number of red dots (denoting a sold piece) the exhibit is expected to sell out quickly. This did not surprise those in attendance, as the pieces were well executed and formed a broad range of styles from encaustic, pastels and wood block prints.

Michael Hoey

In his Artist’s Statement, Hoey gave an idea of his intent:

“This one man exhibition is largely about the human form, the nude. Much of my art is rendered in pastels, although there are some in encaustic, and wood block prints.
I consider myself an independent artist in my depictions of modern life. These are not traditional paintings, but studies that address the movement of the human body and explore the physicality and sensuality of the human form. Unexpected vantage points and surrealistic landscapes pull the viewing audience into the paintings. Exaggerated and contrasting color disrupt the compositional balance and create tensions.”

One cannot simply walk through the gallery without stopping to take a closer look at each work. It is only in closely examining each of Hoey’s works individually, that the piece comes alive. While the composition and organization of each is exceptional, it is in the many details that the works truly strike a sense of wonderment in the viewer.

Moving away from how many transplanted artists attempt to capture the colors and culture of Mexico, Hoey brings his own into the many pieces exhibited. His work is uniquely his own experience and does not attempt to borrow from the work of others. His use of color, often blending contrasting warm and cool colors in the same work, work well to bring life and movement into the pieces.

The gallery, while small, was designed well and allowed the pieces to stand alone for the viewers. All in all, this show is not to be missed. Make plans to visit the gallery prior to the closing date of Saturday, November 19, 2016.

Michael Hoey
Exploring the Sensuality of the Human Form
October 14 – November 19, 2016
Plaza Pabellón, Vista Hermosa
Rio Mayo 1207, Local 15Cuernavaca, Morelos, Mexico
Phone: 044 777 328 0035