US Citizens Leaving the Country

The USA is waking up this morning to a new president after Trump won a shock victory, and Hillary Clinton is expected to make her concession speech this morning.

This morning the message was plain and clear on social media. People from around the world, opened up to those in the United States with empathy over the result of the election. No matter what those in other countries think of the USA government, the great majority of the world came together with expressions love and care for the people of the USA.

Those in many other countries understand what it is like to live in a corrupt government with inept politicians at the helm. For many, they have lived their entire lives hoping for change. And, this morning they opened their arms to console those who feel at a loss. And, they opened their borders and homes.

The people of Mexico, always warm and caring, filled the postings with memes of, “Welcome to México to all need a new home” posted by a Mexican teacher, or “Bienvenido a Mexico, mi Amigos!”

And the word sent back from the USA, was along the same lines, “My Mexican friends, if you guys are hiring right now, wherever in Mexico, please let me know. I am actually being very serious right now!” or as one meme put it, “That does it, I’m moving to Mexico!”moving-to-mexico

Indeed, for months, many USA citizens have threatened to leave the country pending the results of the presidential election.

“If Donald Trump wins in November, I’m moving to Mexico!” Now that Trump has become the president elect, the phrase has changed to “I booked my flight this morning. Adios amigos!.”