Alex Zuckermann

Alex Zuckermann

Alex Zuckerman – (born January 1947) in Paris, France. He studied at the Paris IEP (Political Sciences Institute and graduated in 1968. He spent the next several years of his professional experience outside of France, mainly in the USA, Israel, and Germany. He is fluent in seven languages.

From1971 to 1975, Zuckerman was the product manager in the French subsidiary of the U.S. group “COLT”

In 1977, he founded FIMOR, which is now the largest exporter of squeegee material for screenprinting industry worldwide, with exports to 85 countries. The company employees 85 employees at their four main sites in France, Germany, USA and China. Their headquarters is in Le Mans, France, which is 200 km west of Paris, where 100% of the squeegee material is manufactured.

FIMOR holds patents in various countries for approximately 10 different inventions, mostly developed by Alex Zuckerman. In 1998, FIMOR pioneered the “Dual-durometer Squeegee” (often erroneously referred to as the triple-durometer squeegee) and the non-bending constructed squeegee known as “serilorĀ® COMBI”.

Besides squeegee material and sharpeners, FIMOR has separate divisions devoted to electronic keyboards, misc passive electronic components, and PU rubber industrial applications.


Past Vice President of the European Screen Printing Manufacture Association (ESMA)

Past Chairman of the Industrial Application Committee of the European Screen Printing Manufacturers Association.

Zuckerman is a 1999Ā  inductee into the Academy of Screen Printing Technology (ASPT). Established in 1973 by the Board of Directors of the Specialty Graphic Imaging Association, the Academy of Screen Printing Technology recognizes individuals who have contributed to the technical growth and/or advancement of the screen printing industry. The ASPT is an international body of experts which honors qualified individuals through election to membership for their distinguished, long-term contributions to, and application and promotion of, screen and digital printing and associated imaging technologies for graphic, textile, industrial and electronic printing applications. Academy members regularly submit, review, recognize and recommend technical papers for publications under the auspices of the Academy. ASPT members are also active in providing technical education, consultation, adjudication of printing image quality, and promotion of the technical and commercial development of the industry.

He held the position of Chairman of the Academy of Screen Printing Technology from 2008 until 2010.


His hobbies include skiing, tennis, hiking, literature, language studies, theater and movies.

Alex has 3 children : Manuel (VP of the FIMOR Group), Lola and Ilya.

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